5 Spring Activities for You and Your Kid

Spring is just around the corner and with every warmer day our excitement grows! It’s time to shake off your kids’ winter chills and rejuvenate their daily lives. That means it’s time for some spring cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, rejuvenate your house and toys with Robo Wunderkind and these 5 fun activities for you and your child - it’s a spring awakening!

1. Plant something


Take part in the beauty of spring by bringing some growth into your house! Tomatoes are great as you can start them indoors and then keep them in a big pot all summer long. Just go to any store that sells some tomato seedlings (we recommend any local gardening store) and some good dirt, then go home and get your hands dirty!

Secret tip: put crushed egg shells in the dirt to help them grow! Your growing tomato plant will teach your kid about responsibility and also give them a sense of satisfaction. Your kid can even involve their programmable robot with the Meteo module to send alerts whenever the temperature gets too hot/low next to your seeds. You will never lose a batch of seedlings to the sneaking cold again!


2. Organize and clean up your playroom


In the spirit of simplifying your life, take some time to organize and clean up your child’s playroom. By grouping toys together and making sure all the right pieces are in the right places, you and your kid will have an easier time setting up the next game! Help motivate your kid by splitting the task into smaller parts, for instance, pick up only the LEGOs or organize just the books. You’ll also get to see your kid’s face light up when reunited with a forgotten toy, it’s priceless! If the toy doesn’t spark a reaction, maybe it’s time to read our next activity.

3. Donate old forgotten toys   

Just take a look outside and you will know, spring is a time for new growth. So what better way to make room for growth than to shed some clutter of the past? Help your child go through their playroom and help them identify toys they no longer play with. Ask them if the toy gets used with every day or if it hasn’t seen the light of day in months. If it hasn’t been used in the past month, use this opportunity to teach them about the value of donating to those in need. Here is a list of suggestions on where to drop them off.  


4. Learn something together


One of the beautiful side effects of warmer days is the return of energy that comes with spring. Use this burst of energy for something productive, why not encourage your kid to learn something new? There are countless free classes and lessons available online, found on sites like Coursera or Ted-Ed, that can learn about almost anything you can imagine. Take part in the learning process and learn something together, it will bring you and your kid closer! Whether it be a new language like learning Spanish, the basics of computer programming, or how to play a new instrument, learning something new will push you and your kid outside of your comfort zone and possibly into a new passion!  

5. Go outside and play!

Robo Wunderkind_Sand_Outside

We love our houses and our toys, but it’s still good to go outside and take a break with nature! The fresh air will wake your kids up and give them lots of space to release some energy. It’s as simple as putting on your shoes and walking out the door, so enjoy the fresh air and the sun on your face!


We hope that you take these activities and enjoy the Spring! Come check out our Spring Promotion too for some limited time offers!