3 Things Easter Eggs and Robo Wunderkind Have in Common

Easter is just around the corner, and even robots are excited for the fun times! We bet you never thought that Robo Wunderkind and Easter eggs could share something similar, but we’ll prove otherwise.


1.  Bright colors



Easter eggs are traditionally dyed in various colors: this custom goes back to many centuries ago. It’s always much more fun with a little color, and that’s why the modules of Robo Wunderkind are colorful too! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet - almost like a robotic rainbow. Check out the kaleidoscope of modules here.


2. Both eggs and Robo are customizable



Dying the Easter eggs is not the only one option: you can as well decorate them by drawing pictures or using various materials. It’s always a super fun activity for you and your kids, and the egg design possibilities are endless. Now, erase the word “egg” and replace it with “Robo”, because it’s customizable too! Robo Wunderkind is LEGO™ compatible: kids can bring their favorite LEGO™ creations to life and make their robot one-of-a-kind.


3. You can egg hunt with Robo Wunderkind



Easter egg hunt is probably the most egg-cellent way to have lots of holiday fun. Kids love this ultimate Easter tradition, and even adults turn into 5-year-old selves while searching for a bunch of hidden eggs. You’ve probably never guessed, but robots love egg hunting too! Young Sherlocks can take Robo Wunderkind along on the trail, program its movements from their mobile devices, and let Robo be their personal Dr. Watson. Robo can even detect obstacles (read: eggs), so hunting for sweet prizes is much easier now.


Oh, and one more thing. Since we all love Easter so much, you can now pre-order Robo Wunderkind with the 15% Easter discount. Just use the X5837GHJDK69 code at the checkout.

Happy Easter!🐰