Our 7 Favorite Advent Projects

With the countdown almost over and Christmas just around the corner, we at Robo Wunderkind wanted to take some time and look back at our 7 favorite holiday projects we’ve come up with.

We hope Robo Wunderkind has made your holidays 24 times as fun and that our projects have inspired you to think of other ways to include Robo in your life. Now, let’s get started!  


The Cookie Timer (module: LED)


Just like the smell of pine that comes from the Christmas tree, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the smell of cookies and gingerbread. Whether you like chocolate, icing, or your cookies natural, we can all agree that burnt cookies are the worst! Your Robo Wunderkind friend can help you never forget your cookies again. Just program the LED module to change color based on how much time is left. The best part is that Robo can also send you a notification to your phone, if you managed to ignore the red blinking color.


The Cat Guardian (modules: line follower, proximity sensor)



Pets and Christmas trees are not a good match, but especially dangerous to trees are curious cats. They like to bite on the electric cord of the lights, they bat with their paws low hanging ornaments, and sometimes, they even crawl up the tree! Good that you can program Robo Wunderkind to guard the Christmas tree with its line follower and proximity module. Assign an area to patrol just in front of the tree, by drawing a line on the floor. Once Robo detects someone in its proximity, it will sound a piercing alarm to send the cat scurrying!


The Snow Photographer (module: camera)


We love dreaming for a white Christmas, a blanket of snow makes the holidays just feel more magical. If you’re lucky and it’s snowing out, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!  Robo can be programmed to take HD pictures of the snow fall with the Camera module, so you can create a collection or a time-lapse. With the mobile app, it’s easy to email the pictures directly to your jealous family and friends. Don’t forget to dress up warm when you go outside.


The Robot Ornament (module: LED matrix)


A fully decorated Christmas tree really transforms the room into a beautiful holiday paradise with its lights, ornaments, and pine smell. Too bad you can’t have one in each room, right? Feeling the same, we came up with a project to turn your robot into a personal ornament. All you have to do is draw whatever you want, from hearts to stars and snowflakes on the LED matrix. Now you have your own personal Christmas ornament, and it can even play your favorite carol if you shake it!


The Dancing Twin Snowflakes (module: IR blaster)


We found inspiration for our day 16 project while watching snowflakes fall outside. Each one twirled and flipped as if marvelously dancing while floating to the ground. Inspired by their holiday dance, we thought Robo could make a great dancer too. We made things more intricate by adding a second robot since multiple robots can communicate together using the IR blaster module. After all, one robot is a fantastic educational toy but things really get creative when multiple robots are used at once.


The Fireman (module: meteo sensor)


Cats aren’t the only destructive force during the holidays, candles can be dangerous too! Left burning, they can potentially cause fires or even worse, burn all of the Christmas presents! Good that Robo Wunderkind has a meteo sensor that can track temperature and a light sensor module too. Just place Robo near any burning candles and program him to send you a notification if any flames start to grow.


The Santa Trap (module: motion sensor)  


Our last favorite project comes from our childhood dreams of one day catching Santa Claus in the act on Christmas eve. No longer do we have to worry about falling asleep early and missing Santa, Robo is on the watch! Just program Robo to sound the alarm and send you a notification when the motion sensor picks up movement near the Christmas tree. Combined with the camera module, and you can even take a picture of old jolly Santa himself.



We hope that you’ve enjoyed our holiday projects. Did we cover your favorite projects too? We at Robo Wunderkind wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!