Code and control your robot

Our companion apps allow kids aged 5-16 to control their robots while learning to code and engage with tech in a fun & playful way.


App features

Designed for different age groups and learning styles.

Control your robot remotely
Drag & drop environment
Visual coding language
In-app projects and tutorials

Robo Live


Great for beginners — Robo Live allows kids of all ages to remotely control their robots. Using our intuitive drag and drop environment, you can get your robot to do things like drive, turn, make sounds, blink and more.

Download Robo Live

Robo Code


This app guides children 6 years and up to learn basic coding through an intuitive drag and drop environment. In-app tutorials and projects of different complexity levels help you understand how modules work and learn basic programming logic.

Download Robo Code

Robo Blockly


This app teaches kids aged 8 and up advanced coding concepts using a block-based, open-ended visual programming language. The intuitive drag-and-drop coding environment allows you to learn various commands and write complex code for Robo Wunderkind robots.

Download Robo Blockly

Robo Libs


For the most advanced Robo Wunderkind users we offer free and open-source Python API and an Arduino Library.

Download Robo Libs


Enhance the way your kids play and learn while prepping them for the future to come.

What are the differences between Robo Live, Robo Code, and Robo Blockly?

Robo Live is our app that allows children to control their robots through a digital remote and learn the functions of building blocks.

Robo Code is our app with a graphical state machine interface, which means that children are coding using interactive colorful icons on the screen. This app teaches children the basic elements of coding such as If-then statements, Loops, Decision trees, and more.

Robo Blockly is our most advanced programming app, based on Scratch interface. The block-based programming environment allows learning complex concepts like Variables,  Functions, Operators, and Input-output mapping.

Please see our Apps page for more information about our applications.

In which languages are your apps?

Robo Live and Robo Code are language-independent apps: they contain the bare minimum amount of text that is in English, and the rest of the interface is visual and based on colorful icons. The Robo Blockly app is currently in English and it includes the English terms that are universal in the world of programming, thus preparing children for the next steps on their coding journey.

Which devices are compatible with your apps?

Robo Wunderkind apps are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Your device needs to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and have the following tech specs:

iOS: version 10.0 or higher.

Android: version 4.4 or higher.

Windows: Windows 10 version or higher.

Fire OS: version 5 or higher.

How do I start with the apps?

For the very first steps with our apps, we recommend checking out our online Getting Started guide that will show you all essentials. Once you read through it, we recommend to start with the sample projects listed in our apps. When you complete all of them, you are ready to program on your own.

Can the projects be downloaded to the Robo and used without the app?

We are working on this feature and we plan to release it in the future - stay tuned for our updates!