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Coding for kids: why is it important?

And how can Robo Wunderkind teach kids how to code.

Coding courses are popping up everywhere — so perhaps you’ve also asked yourself is coding something we ought to be teaching our kids? Or is it just for those that want to become developers?

What is coding?

Code is the language of the 21st century. It’s what tells our computers, apps, websites, software, and products what to do and how to do it. It’s giving a computer a set of instructions and functions, so it does what we want it to do. These instructions are also commonly known as ‘computer programming’, ‘software programming’, or ‘coding’.

What are the different coding languages?

A coding language is a set of instructions with certain rules and structures. Every coding language is based on a logical set of rules and can be learned just like Spanish or French.

A set of such instructions in a coding language could, for example, look like this:

Or, if it's a visual Visual programming language, like this:

Why is coding so important? And why should my kids learn it?

Most of our world functions online now — the world simply wouldn't work without code. And learning how to code means you can actively partake in shaping the world around you.

Whether our kids end up in banking, the food industry, or work in a fashion retail store — they will come into contact with tech systems in one form or another. Which is why they should know the basics behind them. Coding is no longer something developers should only know how to do - instead, it will become the literacy of tomorrow and the 21st century skill every kid should know how to maneuver.

Why is coding so important? It’s becoming the 21st century literacy skill.

Not only does it prepare them for what’s out there, but it can also teach kids vital skills throughout the process.

How coding teaches kids 21st century skills

Coding goes way beyond typing some lines of code into a computer - it’s what connects the online world with the real world. Robo Wunderkind teaches kids how to code, without silly distractions or addictive add-ons. Because we have created a toy that allows kids to create freely, solve problems, and build anything they can imagine, they also learn these vital skills along the way:

Problem solving
Math & Logic
Team work
Creative thinking
How technology works
Computer science

With information being readily available to us at our fingertips, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need to be teaching kids how, not what, to think. Giving them the tools so they can figure out the best possible solution — and that’s where Robo Wunderkind comes in.

Coding & robotics for kids

Robo Wunderkind LEGO® compatible robotics kits for kids

At Robo Wunderkind, we've created a toy that changes the way your kids play, learn, and think. They can build their programmable robots and toys to whizz around the house by using basic coding skills. Our robot building blocks are Lego® compatible blocks with sounds, lights, and sensors — for endless opportunities to build on.

Coding apps & programmable robots for kids

Robo Wunderkind also has three intuitive companion apps that allow kids aged 5-14 to control their robots while learning to code and engaging with tech in a fun and playful way.

Robo Live


Great for beginners — Robo Live allows kids of all ages to control their robots remotely. Using our intuitive drag and drop environment, you can get your robot to do things like drive, turn, make sounds, blink, and more.

Robo Code


This app guides children 6 years and up to learn basic coding through an intuitive drag and drop environment. In-app tutorials and projects of different complexity levels help you understand how modules work and know basic programming logic.

Robo Blockly


This app teaches kids aged 8 and upwards advanced coding concepts using a block-based, open-ended visual programming language. The intuitive drag-and-drop coding environment allows you to learn various commands and write complex code for Robo Wunderkind robots.

STEM toys & projects for kids

Robo Wunderkind gives kids projects to work on whether that’s building a flashlight or a kitchen timer. The kids soon end up building everything and anything they can imagine while learning how the world works around them. Check out our Robo Wunderkind Community’s project ideas to see what they’ve come up with.

Check out Lilly & Sophia’s wonderful Phoenix creation:

Or Julian’s genius car launcher:

Teaching to code is easy: get Robo Wunderkind robot kits for kids

Our Robo Wunderkind robotics kits have everything you need to get started with teaching kids to code. With robot building blocks, simple and intuitive apps, and hands-on projects to get excited about — they will have their creations whizzing around the house in no time. All of our kits are suited to different levels and development stages for kids aged 5 years and up.

Robo Wunderkind - Robot kits for kids

Grab a Robo Wunderkind kit today, and start preparing your kids for the exciting coding-driven future to come.

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