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Unlock your little innovator’s creativity through coding!

The robotics kit that never lets your child run out of play ideas.

Parent’s Choice Awards
Silver Honor, 2019
Made for Mums Toy Awards
Bronze, 2019
Amazon Small Business Awards
Finalist, 2019
Education Alliance Finland
Certified, 2020

How Robo Wunderkind works

Build your robot

With our building blocks compatible with bricks, kids can build a car, a nightlight, or a droid. The most fun way to let your future innovators' imagination run wild!

Code it

Simply tell your Robo what to do with intuitive drag and drop apps. No previous experience needed - easy for kids and parents alike. Plenty of tutorials and project examples included!

Learn through play

Robo Wunderkind supports your child’s creativity, problem-solving and social skills. Add more blocks, or experiment with changing your code - constant progress on kids’ learning journeys guaranteed.

Robo Starter kits

Get to know our three brand new Robo Starter Kits for little tinkerers, scientists, or artists. Coming March 24.

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Robo Spin Kit

Experiment with motion, build a wheel of fortune or an interactive windmill. Anything that spins, twirls or reels is possible with Robo Spin. Add one more motor and build anything that can drive.

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incl. 10 projects
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Robo Animate Kit

Create a dancing game, TV show or animate a story - kids can draw whatever they want with Robo Animate Kit. Add an additional RGB Light to build anything that shines like a magic lamp.

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incl. 10 projects
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Robo Sense Kit

For scientists and those who want to become one. Measure distances and build a Sport Trainer Robo or use the Light Sensor to set up light experiments. Add a Motion Sensor for more science experiments or your own alarm system.

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incl. 10 projects

Get Extra modules

Buy individual modules that expand your Robo Wunderkind kits and take your robots on new adventures.


LED Display

Give your robot a smile or display scrolling text messages! Draw anything on your smartphone or tablet and see it come to life on the LED Display.

On sale!

RGB Light

Make your robot glow or blink in any color you like! Program this handy LED to light up your room in the dark.

On sale!

Distance Sensor

Detects obstacles and measures distance to walls or objects in front of your robot.

On sale!


The accelerometer will help you to measure your robot's acceleration and / or position in 3D space.

On sale!

Push Button

Program this big tactile button and your robot will do whatever action you want when you press it.

On sale!

Line Follower

Draw a line on the floor and let your Robo follow it by itself. Delivery in mid-June 2021.

On sale!

Light Sensor

Senses intensity of light. Can be programmed as a trigger for different kinds of actions.

On sale!

Motion Sensor

This sensor gets triggered when it senses any motion around, be it a person, an animal, or anything else.

On sale!

Smart Motor

Helps your robot to move around. You can control or program each of the Smart Motors independently, or all of them at the same time.

On sale!

Connector Block

Connect up to six modules to this block. The connector block doesn’t have any specific functions, therefore you will not find it in the app.

On sale!

Universal Connector

Holds blocks together and helps them communicate with each other.

On sale!

Wired Connector

Use it to connect modules at a distance or to connect the modules which are attached to the rotating part of a Smart Motor.

On sale!

Big Wheel

Give your robots mobility with two Big Wheels or build a rotating tower using one Big Wheel as a base!

On sale!

Brick Adapter

Customize your robot with bricks. Robo Wunderkind is fully compatible with all types of building blocks.

On sale!

Small Wheel

This omni-directional wheel is necessary for any moving vehicle to be able to make turns and be stable on the ground.

On sale!

Removal Tool

Helps you with detaching modules.

On sale!

Please note: If your order contains a mix of in-stock and “pre-order” items, your whole order will be shipped once all items you have purchased are back in stock. If you would like to receive the available items now and the pre-ordered items later, you can place two separate orders. Read more on our Payment & Shipping page.

Why Robo Wunderkind?

Because nothing beats getting creative and learning how to solve a problem while having fun with robots.

Building bricks compatible
Child-friendly coding apps
Upgrade anytime
Developed by educators

Problem solving

Robo Wunderkind teaches kids to see the flip side of a problem – a challenge they can’t wait to tackle. Challenges close to real-life allow them to figure it out on their own by trying over and over again.

Learning Math

A lot of kids struggle with math because it’s too abstract. Coding allows children to visualize and interact with math principles instead of only seeing them on a sheet of paper and can put the numbers to work.

Cooperative play

Robo Wunderkind teaches kids that their peers are teammates instead of competitors. By joining forces, they are bound to come up with the best project or solution, teaching them vital communication & negotiation skills.

Creative thinking

With Robo Wunderkind, you can build, code and control anything you can imagine; unlocking kids’ creativity in unforeseeable ways. Instead of following a set of instructions, the kids can explore and see their creations come to life.

Design thinking

Dissecting a problem, brainstorming a solution, testing to see what works, and choosing the best solution. Coding encourages design thinking by requiring imperfect solutions that are easy to implement.

Computer science

Tech isn’t going anywhere. So the sooner the kids know how to use it positively and responsibly – the better. Robo Wunderkind teaches your students coding, how systems and computers work, and much more.

Why kids & parents love us


"Unser Sohn hat das Set auch schon vor dem 6. Geburtstag zu Weihnachten bekommen. Die App ist für Ihn verständlich und er kann alleine kleine Abläufe programmiere. Das schönste ist sein freudiges quitschen wenn der Robo ausführt was programmiert wurde. Die qualität ist super und der Kundenservice ist offen, freundlich und sehr engagiert" - April 2019


"Super Weihnachtsgeschenk für meinen Sohn und für meinen Neffen habe ich schon gleich ein Set bestellt zu seinem Geburtstag!" - Dezember 2019


"Wir haben zwei Kinder - 5 Jahre und 11 Jahre - und beide haben riiiiesen Spaß mit dem Robo und können mit diesem tollen Roboterbaukasten verstehen, wie Programmieren geht und jedes Kind kann seinem Alter entsprechend eigene Sachen erfinden. Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten! Und wir hatten keine Vorkenntnisse und haben durch die betgelieferte App alles einfach verstanden." - Oktober 2018


"Dieses Spielzeug führt die Kleinen in spielerischer Art und Weise an das logische Denken heran und kombiniert dies mit einfacher Programmierlogik. Endlich mal eine App, die die Kids auf dem "Objekt der Begierde" (Tablet) nutzen und dabei im Spielprozess auch noch einen echten Lerneffekt verbuchen können. Unser Sohn schätzt vor allem die Möglichkeit, sein LEGO mit dieser Technik kombinieren zu können." - April 2020


"Ich finde RoboWunderkind wunderbar! Es ist ein einfaches Stecksystem, große Teile, die nicht verlorengehen können zudem robust und mit Lego kompatibel."


"Module zusammenstecken, App downloaden, loslegen, leuchtende Kinderaugen!"

Lucas Wagner

"Top customer support! Love this company."


"Robo has given us some quality time with our daughter during this time that we spend indoors. It's lovely to see her getting creative and learning at the same time."

Amazon Customer

"Gave this gift for my 7 years old. He is now busy with it and I am happy that he is spending his time positively. The product encourage to expand creativity. Highly recommend." - September 2019


"We purchased this kit as a gift for our 5 YO granddaughter. She loves building things with Lego's and doing puzzles so we thought this might be the right gift for her 5th birthday. She thinks it's great fun. She is pretty challenged by all of the possibilities that this kit presents. I think that this can be a great parent/child activity for a 5 YO and a very long lived toy for a few years to come." - October 2019


"We ordered the kit for my 7 year old son. He instantly fell in love. "I'm a coder, Mom!" - December 2019


"My 5 year old son loves it. First, we have tried a lot of Robotics Kits but most of them were hard to use for his age. Now, he is able to operate by himself and most important enjoying the process and operation from an iPad. The significant option for this Robo, you can use Lego to build on (especially for lego lovers). Indeed, worth it." - May 2020

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