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Welcome to the Robo Wunderkind Ambassador Program!

Hey there, Future WunderAmbassador! Exciting news: Submissions for our 2024-2025 cohort will be opening soon!

So, what's this whole Ambassador thing about?

The Robo Wunderkind Ambassador Program is an exclusive community of educators passionate about fostering STEAM education through hands-on robotics. Our Ambassadors embody the mission of Robo Wunderkind to empower every child to become a creator of technology, preparing them for the challenges of the future.

Ambassadors share their experiences and expertise with others, contributing to the growth of the Wunderteacher Community and inspiring educators worldwide. They collaborate with the Robo Wunderkind team to enhance learning experiences and drive innovation in STEAM education.

What's in it for you as a Robo Wunderkind Ambassador?

Oh, get ready for some serious perks and fun adventures! Here's what you'll enjoy:

  • Tag-teaming with us on exciting stuff like content creation, blogs, webinars, and making our products even cooler
  • Swapping tips and tricks with educators from around the globe
  • Getting a super cool welcome kit full of awesome swag.
  • Being hailed as a top-notch STEAM educator in our community
  • Snagging invites to hang out with us at conferences and events (where the party's at!)
  • Scooping up exclusive offers, freebies, and maybe even scoring some gift cards
  • Sporting your very own "RW Certified Educator" badge like a true champ
  • Diving into professional development and grant opportunities that'll take your teaching game to the next level

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

To keep the party going, we'll need you to:

  • Bring Robo Wunderkind into your classroom adventures
  • Keep the social media vibes alive with your online presence - 2-3 of user-generated content posts per week
  • Reside in the US (currently)
  • Possess strong communication and networking skills
  • Participate in our free Professional Development course (it's a breeze!)
  • Pop into at least three out of our four quarterly online hangouts
  • Pitch in with at least two activities per quarter, like spreading the word, sharing your stories, or lending a hand at events

Ready to Join the Fun?

Applications open soon, so mark your calendars! To snag your spot as a Robo Wunderkind Ambassador, just make sure you:

Are a member of the Wunderteacher Community
Fill out that online application
Got a great pic and/or video and a short bio? We'd love to shine the spotlight on you!
Coming Soon

Introducing our Wunderteachers Spotlight! 🌟

Applications open soon, so mark your calendars! To snag your spot as a Robo Wunderkind Ambassador, just make sure you:

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, camera, action! We can't wait to see your shining faces and hear all about your amazing classroom adventures. Let's make learning a blast together!

Welcome to the Robo Wunderkind Ambassador Program FAQ

What is the Robo Wunderkind Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a community of enthusiastic educators committed to advancing STEAM education through robotics.

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

Educators working with students from kindergarten to grade 5 are encouraged to apply.

What are the benefits of becoming a Robo Wunderkind Ambassador?

Ambassadors enjoy perks such as collaboration opportunities, exclusive merchandise, recognition as a leader in STEAM education, and more.

What are the main responsibilities of Robo Wunderkind Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are expected to actively use Robo Wunderkind products in their classrooms, engage on social media, contribute to content creation, and participate in interviews.

How long is the commitment for Ambassadors?

The commitment is for a minimum of one year, but Ambassadors can opt-out after 3 months if the program isn't suitable for them.

Can Ambassadors return the program material if they choose to quit early?

Ambassadors have the option to return the program material if they leave within the first 3 months of the program.

What happens if an Ambassador fails to adhere to the program guidelines?

Ambassador consistently fails to meet program expectations, the company may provide a 30-day notice to address the issue.

Are there any geographic restrictions for participating in the program?

To apply, simply fill out the online application form, submit a current photo, and create a brief video sharing your experiences with hands-on learning and Robo Wunderkind products.

If I have more questions where can I  ask about the Robo Wunderkind Ambassador Program?

For more details reach out to our team for assistance at

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