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With the help of Robo Wunderkind, not only will your students be able to learn the basics of coding and robotics, but you will also help nurture  their creativity and develop their problem-solving and analytical skills. Robo Wunderkind shows the connections between technology and the real world.  With our educational robots, your school will be able to harness  individual potential and prepare students to thrive in this interconnected world.

School of the Madeleine

School of the Madeleine

What we give Educators


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Robotics Kit

Robo Wunderkind is a modular programmable robot that helps young students to take ownership of their learning and to build their own world. Our durable modules give students a hands-on approach to designing needs-based solutions by combining one smart brick at a time. . Educators can support their students in developing problem-solving and analytical skills while discovering coding and robotics through fun project-based learning.  


Free Apps

Our two  tablet-friendly free apps are the secret to unlocking STEM learning with Robo Wunderkind. Both are intuitive and easy-to-use for any digital novice; all the students have to do is simply drag and drop actions together to open up a world of amazing programming possibilities. Students can also save and share their programs on classroom-friendly software so that they can compare and collaborate on more complicated projects.  



Each robotics kit comes with a detailed curriculum rooted in the PYP program, which is designed and tested by the teachers and educators in  Austria. In each kit, educators can find a collection of different projects that encourage and test their students’ creativity, and capture their desire to discover and explore.  



Knowing that learning is a never ending journey, Robo Wunderkind offers ongoing support to our partners. Our dedicated education team is always ready to answer any questions to ensure our robotics kits are easily integrated into the curriculum. Your feedback will directly help us  adapt and personalize our curriculum based on your students’ needs.


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Robo Educator Packs

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Help them build their own world

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Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we do. Just email us on info@robowunderkind.com

Q: How many students can use a kit?

We recommend 2-3 students per kit. One to build the robot, one to program it and a third student can act as creative manager. 

Q: Can I upgrade to a more advanced kit later?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime. If you want to do this, please send us an email.

Q: When will the first kits arrive?

In Q1 2018.

Q: How long is the warranty?

1 year.

Q: What languages are the curriculum and projects in?

English, and we have plans to produce Dutch, German and French online versions.

Q: How long does the battery last?

Up to one hour, depending on the number of modules used.

More than 50 schools in 16 countries will use our educational robot

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