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Parent’s Choice Awards
Silver Honor, 2019
Made for Mums Toy Awards
Bronze, 2019
Amazon Small Business Awards
Finalist, 2019
Education Alliance Finland
Certified, 2020

How Robo Wunderkind works

Build your robot

With our building blocks compatible with LEGO®, you can build a car, a nightlight, or a droid. Create anything you can imagine!

Code it

Using our intuitive companion apps tell your Robo what to do. Drive in a circle, turn on a light, it's all your choice!

Learn through play

Let that creativity run wild! Add more blocks, or experiment with changing your code.

Why Robo Wunderkind?

We've created a toy that changes the way your kids play, learn, and think. This is why they'll love Robo Wunderkind:

LEGO® compatible blocks with sounds, lights, and sensors
Intuitive coding apps for different ages and development stages
An array of projects and endless opportunities to experiment with
A steep learning curve and freedom to create what they want

Code and control your robot

Discover our companion apps, designed for different age groups and learning styles. These intuitive apps will guide kids from basics all the way to coding superheroes!

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Grows with imagination

From robots to flashlights — an array of projects will get the kids started. But it doesn't stop there. Soon they'll be building everything they can imagine.

Get inspired

Teach them the skills
of tomorrow

Tech isn't going anywhere. So it's on us to ensure kids are using their time on it wisely. Robo Wunderkind will teach them things they'll be thanking you for later:

Problem solving
Math & Logic
Team work
How technology works

Get the kids


Explorer Lite

A bundle of joy that will get your kids excited about coding and building their first robotics projects. Free shipping included!

6x modules
10x projects
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Give them

more options

Explorer Prime

The little buddy that will have your kids building and coding their own toys to whizz around the house in no time. Free shipping included!

8x modules
15x projects
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Turn them into


Explorer Pro

With 15 modules, including an LED display and a variety of advanced sensors, the Pro kit truly has no limits and will have them building for hours on end. Free shipping included!

15x modules
30x projects
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