Learn to code through fun and play

Get creative with technology and solve real-life problems, in the classroom or at home. For 5 to 12-year-old children.

Turning today’s kids into tomorrow’s innovators

Robo Wunderkind creates modern educational tools that change the way children learn at home or at school. Our kits make it easy to build robots in just a few minutes and learn how to program them with our accompanying app. Hands-on resources help to develop children’s cognitive skills and engage them in learning about technology.

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How Robo Wunderkind works

Modular robotics kits with color-coded blocks that are infinitely expandable and сompatible with other building bricks.
With countless construction combinations, this can be more than just a robot.
Robust, sturdy parts, made from safe materials.
Children can prototype, design and build robots in less than 5 minutes.
Free Projects library with 30+ play ideas and a curriculum with 150+ hours of lesson plans designed for your needs. More is coming!

Coding education for all levels

Our free Robo Wunderkind App offers learning opportunities for children of different ages and skill levels. It guides them from the basics all the way to complex coding concepts, using in-app tutorials across 3 levels.

3 coding levels: matching experiences for ages 5-14 years. No previous knowledge needed!
Robo Live
Control your robot in real-time!
Robo Code
Intuitive icon-based coding app!
Robo Blocky
Control your robot in real-time!
Learn block-based programming: with our Scratch-based programming interface called Blockly, children can bring their coding skills to the next level.
Hands-on coding: children learn by doing and see the immediate result of their actions, which keeps them motivated.
In-app tutorials and open coding interface: from guided projects to creating code from scratch, the possibilities are endless!
Available in German and English: more languages are on the way!

Loved by children, educators and parents in

Elementary and middle schools
After School activities
Coding clubs and makerspaces
Summer camps
At home

Looking for STEM & Coding solutions for your classroom?
Visit our dedicated page for educators to browse through our curriculum, resources and additional offers.

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Why learning to code is important for children.

Programming means finding solutions to problems. While learning to code, children also learn to work independently and to solve tasks in a creative way. Educational robotics tools like Robo Wunderkind are ideal to engage children in programming through play, equipping them with a skill set that helps them to thrive in a modern world. 

Problem Solving: Robo Wunderkind teaches children to see the flip side of a problem – a challenge they can’t wait to tackle. Challenges close to real-life allow them to figure it out on their own by trying over and over again.

Creative thinking: With Robo Wunderkind anything that can be imagined can be built, coded and controlled. It can unlock children’s creativity in unknown ways. Instead of following a set of instructions, they can experiment and see their creations come to life.

Learning STEM: With our school curriculum and resources for home, children can learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Fun and playful STEM education is the key to children’s interest and engagement, and that’s exactly what you can achieve with Robo Wunderkind.

Logical thinking: When building, coding and playing with Robo Wunderkind, children have to break down tasks into smaller bits. This teaches them the connection between cause and consequence, abstraction of involved parts and how to assign properties to individual events.

Cooperative play: Robo Wunderkind teaches children that their peers are teammates instead of competitors. By joining forces, they can come up with the best project or solution, teaching them vital communication & negotiation skills.

Computer Science: Tech isn’t going anywhere. So the sooner the children know how to use it positively and responsibly the better. Robo Wunderkind teaches them coding, how systems and computers work, and much more.

Learning by doing:
A true hands-on learning tool for schools and home

Developed in collaboration with educators from various disciplines
Considers the stages of children’s development and their respective significant features
Pedagogical approach based on Constructivism
Promotes child-centered learning and discovery through play
Encourages learning through experiences and active exploration
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What parents and teachers say about us

Marc Faulder
Apple Distinguished Educator and Early Years Teacher, Nottingham, UK
This is such a unique and amazing toy for kids who love to explore. So many options that you can do with it. Great quality, super durable material. Great value for money and definitely a fun gadget for all age groups. The app is super useful.
Jahaira Ortiz
Pre-K Teacher/ Coding Facilitator for Pre-K-1, Thomas Jefferson School, NJ, USA
I've been facilitating a coding club at my school for Pre-K and Kindergarten students, thus I've been looking for educational materials that can help my students learn about computer science while engaging in hands-on-activities. Robo Wunderkind is a great addition to our club since it promotes collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.
We purchased this kit as a gift for our 5 YO granddaughter. She loves building things with Lego's and doing puzzles so we thought this might be the right gift for her 5th birthday. She thinks it's great fun. She is pretty challenged by all of the possibilities that this kit presents. I think that this can be a great parent/child activity for a 5 YO and a very long lived toy for a few years to come.
"Robo has given us some quality time with our daughter during this time that we spend indoors. It's lovely to see her getting creative and learning at the same time."
"My 5 year old son loves it. First, we have tried a lot of Robotics Kits but most of them were hard to use for his age. Now, he is able to operate by himself and most important enjoying the process and operation from an iPad. The significant option for this Robo, you can use Lego to build on (especially for lego lovers). Indeed, worth it." - May 2020
Amazon Customer
"Gave this gift for my 7 years old. He is now busy with it and I am happy that he is spending his time positively. The product encourage to expand creativity. Highly recommend." - September 2019
Lucas Wagner
"Top customer support! Love this company."
"We ordered the kit for my 7 year old son. He instantly fell in love. "I'm a coder, Mom!" - December 2019
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