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A playful environment that channels reflection and exploration is a great place to foster creativity. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Robo Wunderkind. Our ready-to-use toolkit makes it easy to help your students get better at solving problems, and stimulate their collaboration and communication skills.

Remote control and Coding app

Let every child discover their own learning path
Robo Wunderkind App
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Available in English and German
3 interface for different age groups and skill levels

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Primary Schools
Middle Schools
Secondary Schools
After-school activities
Summer camps
Coding clubs and makerspaces
Anywhere where kids learn

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Robotics Kits for your classroom or program

Consist of colorful, robust building blocks
1 kit for 2-4 students
2-year warranty in the EU


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Browse our curriculum
150+ ready-to-use lessons plans – designed by educators just for you.
Find the right material for your scenario, be it computer science or interdisciplinary teaching.
Standard alignment lessons for your school type and country.
Online Videos, teacher slides and more – find additional material for your scenario.

Facilitate your students’ hands-on STEAM learning with confidence

Success Stories

Inspiring love for coding in children with Hügelland School
Teaching kids to be STEM-SMART, with Hardwick Green Primary Academy
Closing the gender gap in tech with Girls' Centre Klagenfurt

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Learning by
through play.

Problem Solving
Cooperative play
STEM subjects
Computer Science
Logical thinking
Creative thinking
Digital literacy

Education should be fun and engaging! Our robotics kits, app, and didactic materials were built upon the Constructivist theory. This educational theory favours learning through actual experiences and us reflecting upon it. So in order to learn, we must constantly explore, question and evaluate.

Robo Wunderkind fosters children’s creativity, encourages them to experiment, solve unfamiliar problems, and work with tangible objects instead of only thinking in abstract terms. They are encouraged to actively explore, explore new horizons while reflecting on their learning.

What other educators say about us

We purchased this kit as a gift for our 5 YO granddaughter. She loves building things with Lego's and doing puzzles so we thought this might be the right gift for her 5th birthday. She thinks it's great fun. She is pretty challenged by all of the possibilities that this kit presents. I think that this can be a great parent/child activity for a 5 YO and a very long lived toy for a few years to come.
Jahaira Ortiz
Pre-K Teacher/ Coding Facilitator for Pre-K-1, Thomas Jefferson School, NJ, USA
I've been facilitating a coding club at my school for Pre-K and Kindergarten students, thus I've been looking for educational materials that can help my students learn about computer science while engaging in hands-on-activities. Robo Wunderkind is a great addition to our club since it promotes collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.
Marc Faulder
Apple Distinguished Educator and Early Years Teacher, Nottingham, UK
This is such a unique and amazing toy for kids who love to explore. So many options that you can do with it. Great quality, super durable material. Great value for money and definitely a fun gadget for all age groups. The app is super useful.
Lucas Wagner
"Top customer support! Love this company."
"Robo has given us some quality time with our daughter during this time that we spend indoors. It's lovely to see her getting creative and learning at the same time."
Amazon Customer
"Gave this gift for my 7 years old. He is now busy with it and I am happy that he is spending his time positively. The product encourage to expand creativity. Highly recommend." - September 2019
"We ordered the kit for my 7 year old son. He instantly fell in love. "I'm a coder, Mom!" - December 2019
"My 5 year old son loves it. First, we have tried a lot of Robotics Kits but most of them were hard to use for his age. Now, he is able to operate by himself and most important enjoying the process and operation from an iPad. The significant option for this Robo, you can use Lego to build on (especially for lego lovers). Indeed, worth it." - May 2020

Frequently asked

How many students can use one Robo Wunderkind Education Kit?

Generally, we recommend one kit for 1-4 students. This way, all students can benefit from maximum engagement and practice all aspects of building, coding, and creating with Robo Wunderkind.

Does Robo Wunderkind offer a curriculum?

Yes! Our teaching materials and lesson plans (more than 150 hours of resources!) are available for free on our Curriculum page. Additionally, there are free in-app tutorials that can also be used in the classroom.

Does Robo Wunderkind offer Professional Development for Educators?

Our team is committed to supporting educators along the journey of getting to know Robo Wunderkind and introducing it to students. This is why we have partnered with Eduscape, a leading Professional Development provider in the USA & the rest of the world, to offer Robo Wunderkind Academy - a self-paced online course on Robo Wunderkind robotics kits and app. The course provides in-depth training on building, coding, and teaching with Robo Wunderkind. By completing the course, all participants will effectively implement Robo Wunderkind as a classroom technology tool by planning with pedagogically sound frameworks to support all of their learners’ needs, including social-emotional wellbeing.

Where can I use Robo Wunderkind?

Robo Wunderkind can be used in many scenarios: in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, coding clubs, libraries, maker spaces - anywhere where children between the ages of 5 and 14 learn.

Can I see a real example of a school using Robo Wunderkind?

More than 500 schools worldwide are using Robo Wunderkind to teach coding, STEM, and other subjects. We’re continuously interviewing educators about their experiences with Robo Wunderkind, and you can find many case studies on our Blog.

Does Robo Wunderkind offer Workshops in schools?

If you are interested in a Robo Wunderkind Workshop, please contact us at We have an extensive network of partners in different regions, and we are happy to find the best way of bringing a Robo Wunderkind workshop to your classroom.

Is Robo Wunderkind compatible with every tablet? Are there any suggestions?

Robo Wunderkind is compatible with all devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Please refer to your device’s settings to check whether your device has this technology (most modern tablets use BLE). If you have doubts, please contact us at - we’d be happy to help you out.

Can I use Robo Wunderkind with a PC?

Yes, our Robo Wunderkind App will soon be available for Windows and Mac OS.