Kitchen Timer

Let’s add another extra spice to your cooking. Robo will serve as your smart kitchen timer and let you know once your gourmet masterpiece is ready!

What you will need

Robo Wunderkind blocks:

  • main block
  • universal connector
  • smart motor
  • big wheel
  • RGB LED light
  • LED display
  • button

Other materials:

  • color paper
  • color pencils

Let's build our Robo!

Connect a motor and wheel to the main cube via a connector.

Attach the RGB LED light to the main cube.
Attach the button to the main block.
Attach the LED display, set the timer and get cookin’! Robo will tell you when it’s time to stop.

Here’s how you do it in the Robo Code app.

Step 1

Program the motor to spin together with the RGB light and alarm sound at the same time. Make sure that the sound, lights and movement end approximately at the same time and are synchronized. Play around with the settings of the light and movement duration to achieve that.

Step 2

Our timer can display any message that you want, for example, ‘READY :)’. For that, you need to drag your LED display action into the same bubble and draw the letters.

Step 3

Repeat the previous steps 5 more times, change the colors of the RGB light and the letters on the LED display. In order to stop our timer, drag a Pause action, connect your last bubble with it, and attach the Button condition on top of the connection. Program your button and get ready to try out your timer!

And this is the end result! Have fun!

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