Robo Code basics

In this tutorial, you will get to know the Robo Code interface and basics, as well as create your very first Code project.

  1. Robo Code Basics
  2. Robo Code Coding Interface
  3. Adding & Combining Actions
  4. Adding & Combining Triggers
  5. Exiting & Saving Your Project

To complete this tutorial you will need:

Robo Code Basics

Turn the Main Block on and connect to the Robo App.

There are 3 Robo tabs to check out:

Create a new project to continue with the tutorial

Robo Code Coding Interface

Welcome to your Coding Screen or canvas, here you can find different buttons & icons.

  • Play /Stop Button - Press it to try out or stop your code
  • Save / Exit Button - Press it to return to your Coding Lab
  • Actions Dock - Here you can find all Actions and Conditions to program.
  • Connection Mode button: Tap this button to enter connection mode where you can connect states together.
  • Trash Bin: Use it to delete the Actions or Connections.
  • Glossary: Press the question sign in the upper left corner of the screen to go to the special glossary and read in details about all the Robo Code

Adding & Combining Actions

Actions - Coding icons which look like bubbles and perform an output task. There are 4 types of Actions  in the Action Dock – Sounds, Visuals, Movement and Specials.

Adding Actions on the canvas

Drag & drop the first Action on the canvas. It appears with a Start Point on it. Drag more Actions on the canvas.

Action Settings

Tap on an Action to adjust it. Different Actions have different Settings. Sounds don’t have any settings.

Connection: Combining the Actions into a Sequence

Press the Connection Button to activate the Connection Mode and draw an arrow from the first Action to the second and third. Tap anywhere on the canvas to deactivate the Connection Mode. You created two Connections.


To make an infinite loop, connect the last state to the first so that it forms a continuous flow.

Play the code

Once your code is ready, press Play Button to start the program. The green circle will indicate what part of the code is executed now.

Create a State

To execute multiple Actions at the same time, drop one on top of another. This big bubble is called State. Test the program to see how it works. You can combine up to 5 Actions in one State.

Start Point

The first Action that you drop on the canvas has a Start Point. It means your code starts here. You can move the Start Point from one Action to another.

Please note: It’s not possible to combine actions that use the same module into one state.

Adding & Combining Triggers

Triggers are coding icons which look like red stickers and have to be placed on the Connection between 2 Actions. Triggers are conditions that regulate if this Transitions between 2 Actions happens.

Adding a Trigger

Drag & drop a Counter Trigger on one of the Connections.

Trigger Settings

Tap on a Trigger to adjust its settings. Different Triggers have different Settings.


You just created your very first Code project!

Exiting & Saving Your Project

Press the Save & Exit Button to exit to your Coding Lab, your project will be saved automatically.

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