Robo Live App: Basics

In this tutorial, you will get to know the Robo Live App interface and basics, as well as create your very first Robo Live project.

1. Robo Live App Basics
2. Control Screen & Controls
3. Edit & Control Modes
4. Making Your Very First Live Project
5. Exiting & Saving Your Project

To complete this tutorial you will need:

Robo Live App Basics

Turn the Main Block on and connect to the Robo Live App. 
There are 3 Robo tabs to check out
My Robo. This screen is dedicated to your robot. It shows you the battery status, the name, connected blocks, etc.
Robo Getting Started. Here you can find some pre-programmed projects with interactive building instructions.
My Projects. Here is where your projects are stored.
Tap on "+" to create a new project and continue with the tutorial.

Control Screen & Controls

Welcome to your Control Screen or canvas, here you will find the Controls & buttons.

  • Play /Stop Button: Press it to go to the Control Mode or return back to the Edit Mode.
  • Save / Exit Button: Press it to return to My Projects
  • Controls Menu: Here you can see all Controls available. Controls are the same color as the RW Modules they correspond to. 
  • Glossary: Here you can find all Robo Live Controls and buttons explained 

Edit & Control Modes

When you create a new project you are in the Edit Mode: You can add and arrange the Controls on the canvas.

Drag & drop some Controls on your canvas and arrange them as you wish.
Try them out!

Press the Play Button to activate the Control Mode. Now you can control your robot using the Controls you have on the canvas by simply pressing on them. 

Return to the Edit Mode

Press the Stop Button. Now you can edit your Controls or add more Controls on your screen. 

Making Your Very First Live Project

Let’s create a very first Live project together! Take your Main block to start.

Add the Light to your build

See that a new Light Control is available in the Control Menu. 

Drag & drop the Light Control on the Control Screen
Press the Play Button and try it out!

How many different colors can you get?

Return to the Edit Mode when you are ready to continue.
Add the first Smart Motor and 1 Big Wheels to your build.

Pay attention to the rotating part of the Motor, it should be connected to the Wheel. A new Motor Control is available in the Control Menu.

Drag & drop the Motor and the Servo Controls on the screen.

Try them out! How are they different?

Return to the Edit Mode when you are ready to continue. 
Add the second Smart Motor and the Big Wheel to the build

Here you will need a Small Wheel as well to balance your Robo-car. Don’t forget about the rotating part! More new Controls will appear in the Controls Menu

Drag & drop the Motor Control, Joystick and the Tilt Control on the canvas

Try them out! What do they control?

Congratulations, you just created your very first Robo Live Project! 
Want to know about the Robo Live app? Continue with these tutorials to learn more about Motors, Servo, Joystick and Tilt Controls, Control Design, Sensors Controls or check out our super fun Robo Live Community Projects.

Exiting and saving your project

Press the Save & Exit Button to exit to My Project Screen, your project will be saved automatically.