Robo Nightlight

Ever thought what robots actually are and what do we need them for? 🤖

Robots are created by people as an aid for the things that are too difficult, dangerous or boring for us, humans, to do – like building cars or detecting bombs. Robots are already a part of our everyday life, even though we might not notice them! Think about that smart vacuum cleaner you have at home 😉 To make robots work, people teach them first by controlling and programming them for the specific tasks.

Many people think that robots look and act like people, but in fact, most of them don’t! There are millions of different robots that exist, and you can also build tons of your own customized robo-creations with Robo Wunderkind, which will help you in your daily life. We have many ideas for you and we’ll be sharing them on our blog, stay tuned 😉

In this project, we will show you how to create a cozy mood in your room before you go to bed! 😴

You will need:
  • Main Block
  • RGB Light
  • Connector Block
  • One big wheel
  • Two universal connectors
  • 3 Lego® Adapters
  • Some Lego® bricks
  • Colored paper, markers, scissors, stickers, etc.
Time: 15 min

Build the Robo night lamp

Attach the Connector Block to the Main Block using one universal connector to make your lamp taller.
Attach the big wheel to the Connector Block using the second universal connector to make your lamp more stable.
Attach the RGB Light to the Main Block.
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Attach three Lego® Adapters to the Main Block.
Attach some Lego® bricks to create a holder for your lantern. Use the bricks however you want!
Now use your imagination and create your own lantern for your Robo! Cut it out of paper or cardboard and decorate in any way you want 🙂

Program your Robo nightlight!

Pick your favorite colors and make Robo change them every 5 seconds.
Try making a big circle from different colors
… or let Robo surprise you and pick up a random color!
Try more ideas and experiment, and keep all your lines of code in one project!

Press “Play” and enjoy cozy bedtime mood. Sweet dreams! 😴

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