Santa is coming!

Ho-ho-ho! Santa is coming with presents for Christmas! Help Santa find the way to all toys in order to deliver the presents in time. Build your own Rudolf together with Robo Wunderkind!


Time: 20 min

You will need:

  1. Robo Wunderkind Modules: 
  • Main Block
  • Line Follower Module
  • 2 Smart Motors
  • 2 Big Wheel
  • Small wheel
  • Distance Sensor as a head
  • 2 Connector Blocks
  • 4 Universal Connectors
  • 2 RGB Lights
  1. Other materials:
  • color paper
  • white paper (size A1)
  • black marker 7-15mm
  • carton
  • gluestick 
  • wire/rope
  • your favorite toys!

Let's build our Robo:

Start with the Main Block

Start with the Main Block, it’s the battery and the brain of our Robo. Attach 2 Connector Blocks to the Main Block with the help of Universal Connectors - one from the front and one from the back.

Attach the wheels to the motors

Attach the Big Wheels to the rotating parts of the Smart Motors, so they can spin around; and then attach the Smart Motors to the Main Block symmetrical, we advise to attach the right first and then the left; add the Small Wheel to the back of the build to balance it.

Introduce the Distance Sensor

Attach the Distance Sensor to the front of the build. This will be Rudolf’s face.

Get the Line Follower

Now attach the Line Follower to the bottom part of the front Connector Block. The Line Follower must face the surface with the direction mark pointing forward.

Add RGB Lights

Attach two RGB Lights to the front, so we can have some glowing lights while delivering the presents.

Prepare the road for Santa

Take a sheet of a white paper (size A1) and a black marker; draw the lines (7-15mm wide) to each of your toys that will receive presents. To make your Robo-Rudolf stop, draw a short line perpendicular to the main line which your Robo is following. Then continue to the next toy.

Let's make some props

Make the horns

To transform our Robo into a Rudolf, we’re going to add the horns; Take a carton and draw the horns as you want them to look, then place the horns on your Robo as shown in the picture.

Make the carriage

This is the same way we’re going to create a carriage for Santa. Cut out the parts as shown in the picture, cut through the dotted lines and connect all the parts so that you have a carriage!

Add the reins

Use wire or rope to secure the carriage behind the robot.


Place your toys on the paper and decorate your path! Use your imagination to create your own magic Christmas road!

Code your Robo in the Robo Code App

Start a new project

Open the Robo Code App and start a new project.

Add the Sound Action

Start with a Sound Action that will indicate your Robo-Rudolf is ready for the adventure.

Add the Line Follower Action

Place the Line Follower Action on the screen, change the speed a bit, so our Robo-Rudolf drives smoothly.


And now connect it with the Sound Action using the Connection Button.

Add some lights

Now let’s add some extra fun glowing lights to our code - two Blink Actions; don’t forget to set the colors and the number of times they will blink!

Add the final sound

Let’s add a cheerful Sound Action, so once the first present is delivered, Santa will stop and celebrate.

Add the Turn Action

Ok, one present is delivered, what’s next? Let's make our Robo-Rudolf turn to the next line by adding the Turn Action and changing the setting to the angle needed.

Add states

And now repeat the first steps so that every toy gets a present - add a State with the Line follower Action + two Blink Action => Sound Action => Turn Action.


Ready for an adventure? Try it out and see how happy your toys are to get  presents from Robo-Rudolf and Santa!

Some ideas for further Coding: Add the Distance Trigger to your code so that you Robo-Rudolf only greets the toy if it is close enough!

Go on and get even more creative on this one! You can always share your projects with us on Instagram and we will post it!

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

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