Sport Trainer

It’s important to stay healthy and active, so let’s do some exercise together with a robotic sports trainer.


Play ball!

Come up with 3-4 challenges with a ball. Once you complete a challenge, press the button and get a point! How many can you win?! Here are some ideas for the challenges:


  • Jump on one leg while holding a ball 5 times / 10 times/ 15 times
  • Jump the ball as in basketball 5 times / 10 times/ 15 times
  • Dribble the ball as in football 5 times / 10 times/ 15 times
  • Pass the ball from left hand to the right 5 times / 10 times/ 15 times

Sport Challenges in Teams

Play with friends: Form two teams and create team names! Don’t forget to choose the captain!


Set different sport challenges for the teams, once one team completes the challenge, the captain should press the button!