Talking Robo

Look at this curious Robo asking you questions by displaying different light signals and words on the LED Screen. What would you answer to these questions?! Build and code you own communicating Robo and talk to it!

Time: 10-15 min


You will need:

Robo Wunderkind modules:

1. Education kit

  • Main Block
  • 1 RGB Light
  • Distance Sensor
  • 1 Connector

2. Advanced kit:

  • 1 RGB Light
  • LED Display

Other materials:

  • Colored paper, markers, scissors, ruler
  • A toy figure (or any other object)

Project Steps

Create an algorithm

Create an algorithm – step-by-step instruction for your Robo to follow.

Build the communicating Robo.

Prepare the cards with some possible answers.

Set the environment.

Place the Robo, toy figure, and the cards near each other. Measure the distance between the Distance sensor and the toy figure standing on both YES and NO cards.

  • Distance Sensor <> YES card = 15 cm
  • Distance Sensor <> NO card = 25 cm

Code your communicating Robo using the algorithm you created

Code your Robo to ask the question #1.
Code your Robo to wait for your answer.
Code your Robo to react to the answer “yes”.
Code Robo to react to the answer “no”.
Add the Distance Trigger indicating a distance 15 cm or less.

This means that Robo will react to your answer “yes” if you place your toy figure on the card “YES” 15 cm or less away from the Distance Sensor. If the toy is more than 15 cm away (on the card “NO”), Robo will react to your answer as “no”.

Try it out! What would you answer to your Robo?!

Now it’s your turn to add your own question!

Did you just recreate this project or came up with your own one? Share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #RoboMakersMarathon!

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