Race the Clock!

Who can name 5 animals starting with the letter “A” fastest? Who can jump faster 10 times on their right leg? Let’s play “who’s faster” game with a robot referee!


“Who’s faster?” Game

Come up with different tasks for you and your friends and write them down on some paper cards. Here are some ideas:

  • Name 5 animals starting from a letter “d”
  • Jump 10 times on a right leg
  • Turn around 5 times
  • Name 5 cities
  • What are all 7 continents in the world?
  • Name 5 dinosaurs’ names!

Mix the cards and leave them upside down, so you cannot see the tasks. Press play and let your robot give you a signal. Once you hear a sound, take one card and do the tasks. Who does it first - presses the button and wins! Have fun!