Using Storytelling to transform your STEAM classroom
November 10th, 2022 | 4:00pm - 4:45pm EST
Bring The WOW Back Into The Classroom!
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Help your students achieve their potential by introducing them to STEAM early on!

We provide a unique STEAM program out of the box which builds the capacity of teachers and sparks students curiosity across the curriculum. Those experiences at an early age might change the trajectory of your student’s lives!

Our product is uniquely designed with the needs of early learners in mind

Children can build a robot in no time
Three coding Interfaces of different complexity match all abilities

Our District Partnerships

And we are your hands-on implementation partner every step of the way.

We provide:

Standards-aligned Curriculum
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Implementation Support
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Professional development courses
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Continuous Success Management
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Get started:

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Step 2:
We create the implementation plan for your school
Step 3:
Start to unfold the potential of your students

Why Robo Wunderkind?

Unique product design for early elementary students
Unmatched engagement through building real robots
Standards-aligned curriculum resources that are easy to integrate into your teaching
Hands-on implementation support & coaching for educators

Offering for school districts:

Tailored curriculum integration support
PD program for educators

Robo Wunderkind potential

Students learn to build real world representations of robots/machines
Students improve their Coding and Problem Solving skills
Students increase their interest in STEAM lessons
Students improve their self-efficacy to learn and practice STEAM

Here is what we heard from our teachers:

“I didn't need to have a background in computer science or robotics. It is so easy to start as the Robo Wunderkind team guided me on every step of the journey.”
Caitlin Vredenburg
Technology Integration Specialist and 3rd grade teacher at Christ Episcopal School, Rockville (MD)
“My first grade students have never been engaged like this before!”
Ashley Kinney
STEM teacher at Harmony Hills Elementary School, Montgomery County (MD)
“The variety of lesson materials makes it easy to convince other teachers to give me their teaching time! They ask me to come back!"
Heather Meek
Instructional Technology Coach at Ellis Elementary School, Prince William County (VA)
“Robust, easy to handle building blocks. Excellent product for early learners.”
Sara Rhyne
Digital Learning and Innovation Coach, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools (NC)
“Exceptional partner for our district. Smart and thoughtful team that is always there when our schools need them.”
Carmen Henninger
Language ​​Immersion Program Supervisor, Prince George’s County (MD)