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Getting Started

Are you ready to learn, play, and teach with Robo? Watch this short video and complete the steps below to begin the fun!


Download the App

In your Application Store, search for the Robo Wunderkind App.

You may be asked to allow the app access to your location, which will need to be changed in your settings. If you cannot download the app, first check if you need permission from your school district.


Set up an account

This step is needed to use Teacher Code. *If you are just playing you can tap Not Now in the upper right corner).

1. Open the Robo Wunderkind app. Tap the large, purple Create new Robo account.
2. Enter your school email and create your password (8 characters min).
3. Accept the terms and conditions.
4. Tap the School icon and enter the grade(s) you teach.
5. Tap Save and receive your teacher code; this is used with your students.
6. Tap Finish and head to your email to verify your email address.

Connect and explore the kit

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Our modules
Main Block
Distance Sensor
Connector Block
Smart Motor
LED Display
RGB Light
Push Button
Light Sensor
Line Follower
Motion Sensor
Small Wheel
Big Wheel
Lego™ Adaptor
Universal Connector
Wired Connector
Disconnection Tool
1. Turn Robo on by pressing and holding the small button on the back of the orange (main) block.
2. Open the Robo Wunderkind app.
4. Change the name of your Robo by tapping on the Robo device name. Try using one of the stickers from your kit, naming it that color and placing the sticker ON your Robo.
5. Tap the Live icon at the top of your screen.
6. Let’s play! Begin adding modules to your main block. Watch for the icons to appear that can be utilized with each model appear. Please note that when connecting new modules for the first time, the app may need to update the firmware of the module, which occurs automatically and quickly.


Use these sections to learn valuable tips and tricks for using Robo and the vocabulary you will need to teach students about the kit, its modules, and their functions.


Coding challenge

Time to challenge the Wunderkind in you!


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Download ChallengeView Module Guide
Now, you’re ready!

Use this checklist to prepare for your first class.