10 things to do with your kids over the summer
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10 things to do with your kids over the summer


Summer is here, and along with it, a lot of free time with your kids. How to use this time productively and make sure you all have fun? We have some tips… 

1. Go out in nature

Summer is the best time to enjoy nature. Everything is in full bloom, it’s hot outside, the water is warm enough to swim in, hiking trails are at their peak beautiful, the days are long––staying indoors is nearly impossible. Take advantage of this and spend as much time outside as possible, especially if you live in the city and your kids rarely experience ‘true’ nature. Help them love and appreciate nature by immersing them in it.  

2. Camp

While you’re out there in nature, you might as well stay overnight. Camping is an adventure your kids will remember––the nature at night, the calm and quiet, the novelty of it. Not only does it allow you to fully enjoy the landscape at day and night, but it might also make your kids appreciate running water and warm showers after you come back home. 

3. Experiment

Being bored is not an option when you’re a curious kid. Take advantage of the creativity children have, and give them a project to work on. One good idea would be to make a Robo Fan for when it gets too hot––get inspired by our previous project! 

4. Cool down

In the heat, there’s nothing more tempting than water. Teach your kids how to swim different styles, snorkel, dive, observe the nature underneath the surface, and let them see a whole different world. Or just throw yourselves into a cool pool!

5. Cook unconventionally  

Like on an open fire! Forget about grilling, take your children out, find a nice spot for a bonfire and show them how to make food ‘the old way’. You could connect this with a camping experience. A sausage cooked at home and on an open fire tastes nothing alike

6. Do sports outdoors

Enjoy the outside with your kids actively. Go on bike rides, dust off your roller skates, go for a swim or hike, do yoga outside, try out beach volleyball, and if you’re feeling brave, take up a water sport, like windsurfing. Or start with something easier, such as paddleboarding

7. Museum backup 

In case it rains, have a backup plan. A museum in summer is more refreshing than lemonade, especially with all the exhibitions that are catered to children during summer holidays. Look up children-themed museums around you and feed your kids something more long-lasting than a snack––a taste for art. 

8. Watch the stars

If you live in a city, you’ll know the sky for its near absence of stars. But as soon as you step out of the smog zone, you’ll experience a whole new sky altogether. Take your children out after it gets dark and try to find the star constellations together. Use an app to help you, if you’re the more modern type of parent. 

9. Visit a farm

Rather than visiting a zoo and looking at caged animals, take your kids to where the animals really live, a local farm. Not only will you teach them the way animals should be treated and let them meet a proper big cow in person, but you’ll also support your local businesses if you buy some milk or cheese on your way home. 

10. Let them go for a while

Being without your kids might be hard, but it’s great for both you and them to gain a sense of self-reliance––even if only a small bit. Send them away to grandma’s for a week, or let them go to summer camp, such as a coding summer camp, where they’ll have to make new friends and get by on their own. (Robo Wunderkind even organized its own coding summer camps!) After that week, they’ll come back with amazing stories and a fresh sense of appreciation for your closeness. 

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