Introducing our new app: code on another level with Robo Blockly!

Introducing our new app: code on another level with Robo Blockly!

Robo Wunderkind Team

The wait is finally over! You asked, we listened. Our third, and the most advanced coding app Robo Blockly, has just been released on all major platforms. Watch the teaser below to drum up your excitement!

So, what is Robo Blockly App all about and what’s new?

The Robo Blockly App introduces children ages 8 to 14 to advanced coding concepts using a block-based, open-ended visual programming language. Now, Robo Wunderkind makes coding exciting for an even wider age group! The intuitive, drag-and-drop coding environment allows children to learn various commands and write complex code for their robots. Robo Blockly follows the natural progression after mastering Robo Live and Robo Code apps: children can learn concepts like variables, functions, operators, and input-output mapping. This way, children’s robots literally grow up with their young programmers: kids make their way through three apps over the years, and can always come up with even more creative coding projects.

robo blockly app

Another exciting feature of the Robo Blockly App that adds up to children’s learning outcomes: it is now possible to add a lot more math in your code using variables. This helps to develop arithmetics skills alongside logical, computational thinking, and critical thinking skills. Such a significant increase in functionality also allows bringing kids’ creativity skills to a whole new level by inventing even more interesting and difficult projects. We can’t wait to see how much more sophisticated children’s robots will get!

robo blockly app

How do I get started with Robo Blockly?

Robo Blockly offers a more complex programming language while the interface is visually familiar to the ones of Robo Live and Robo Code. This app uses the familiar color logic of existing Robo Wunderkind apps, which makes the transition from one app to another logical and effortless. To get started, take on our six in-app project ideas which will explain to you all the basics. Once you’re done with all of them, it’s time to create your own inventions using the Robo Blockly programming interface. Play around with different categories of coding elements, explore the new features, and most importantly - have fun!

With Robo Blockly App, your children’s robots and coding skills will get to a whole new level. Download the app now to start learning!

Download from the App Store

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Coming soon: Windows App Store

Visit our Home Page to learn more about Robo Wunderkind and how children can learn to code through the joy of play with our robotics kits and apps. Check out the top 10 non-tech skills children can learn through coding and get some inspiration to introduce your child to 21st century skills.

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