Week 7 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Design
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Week 7 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Design

Robo Wunderkind Team
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Designing your things can be even more fun if you get to use them afterward. We asked our little makers to play engineers who design and build their unique and creative solutions… and that’s what happened! Take a look at the amazing inventions our coders have created 🙌 

Robo Noise Monitor 

When it comes to an engineering problem, planning is the key! And that’s what Meredith has started with. She has presented a problem, a solution, and an algorithm and even made a test plan with estimated, and actual reaction for her invention. And the results exceeded all expectations! Meet the Noise Monitor Robo, which ensures that the noise level is safe for the ears 😍 Such outstanding engineering skills! 

Robo Chicken Door Opener

Look around, is there a process that could be optimized and make an everyday task easier? Indeed, practicality is one of the most important aspects when it comes to engineering. Lorenz and Peter have designed and built a Chicken Door Opener Robo which makes it easy to control the hen’s agile movement 🐥 Now that’s what we call practical! Great job, guys!

Robo Baby Entertainer 

Engaging toddlers with entertaining activities might seem not so easy at times. Luckily, with the help of such creative older brother and sister this task is not overwhelming at all. Mira and Jonathan came up with a Robo Baby Entertainer, which reacts to their sibling’s noises and movements, and begins to rattle and wind up music. A very practical and creative solution! Well done 🤖

Robo Social Distancing Monitor

One of the most important engineering skills is the ability to adjust to a rapidly changing environment. And that’s exactly what Iona did! This little coder designed and built a Robo Social Distancing Monitor - a device that allows you to check the distance between yourself and the approaching person. If the person comes to close the display shows a grumpy face, if the distance is sufficient, the display shows a smiley - you’re good to go! 😉

Robo Nanny

Carla has amazed us yet again with her incredible multifunctional Robo Nanny invention. The light sensor recognizes when the main light is off and turns the little starlight on. If the motion detector or the microphone detects the baby’s movement or sound, Robo nanny gives the baby a toy to cuddle with! 😍 Isn't that just an engineering masterpiece? Bravo Carla!

That’s it for this week. Without a doubt, our STEM wizards have proven themselves as outstanding engineers! We can’t be more proud.

If you want to join the ranks of our little makers, jump on board and participate in our current #RoboMakersMarathon challenge with the topic STORYTELLING - transform Robo into your favorite book character and create a story around it!

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