We need coding and robotics in early education (BETT & FETC highlights)

We need coding and robotics in early education (BETT & FETC highlights)

Robo Wunderkind Team

Our take-away from the conferences could not be clearer: there is a strong demand for more STEM education and Robo Wunderkind is the perfect candidate for this mission.

The last days of January kept us pretty busy. First, we visited the BETT 2019 conference in London. Then we flew across the pond to take part at FETC 2019 in Orlando, Florida. We met hundreds of edtech enthusiasts who were all eager to push STEM education, robotics and programming education in primary schools further ahead. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback that reminded us that what we have is the ideal solution to an ever-growing demand. Here’s our takeaway.

While there are many robots for the classroom on the market, teachers don’t need just another robot. They need an educational solution with a curriculum. This is what we hope to offer. We created a complex curriculum by teachers for other teachers. It consists of dozens of interactive lessons in two languages thus far, while many more translations are being produced at the moment. We’re also one of very few to partner with professional development organizations. These get educators started with innovative tools, such as robots and programming. 

And while it’s the curriculum that received most of the praise, the robotic kit itself did not go unnoticed either. Educators that have worked with it report that it is simple enough to provide small kids with the basics, but also complex enough for them to evolve with it.  

We were approached and interacted with visitors from 40+ countries at both events. We established new connections, drew the outlines of new promising partnerships and piqued the interest of many potential customers. Here are the highlights:

  • Bright & Smart (US), who believe in innovative and accessible STEM education and offer hands-on engineering classes for young kids, are now developing new workshop classes with our kits, and planning a franchise with our robots;
  • ETC (Hong Kong), a leading distributor that has been on the market for 25 years, decided to do a pilot program with our kits in kindergartens and primary schools;
  • Tech Terra (US) the award-winning professional development company equips schools and students with STEM literacy, will now train teachers to work with Robo Wunderkind;
  • Simon Kettle (STEMworks, UK), who works with schools and businesses to promote youth STEM education, is planning to launch workshops with Robo Wunderkind;

We were invited to Early Learning Digital Sandbox, where educators get to try out different tools; as well as to the Coding for Early Learners workshop. This experience allowed us to get direct feedback and observe how educators interact with our product. The curriculum was cited as the main asset. We couldn’t be more proud of it.

In the near future, Robo Wunderkind will continue to expand and establish partnerships within Norway, Italy (Ligra), France (Easytis), EstoniaSwedenPolandSpain, and many more.

We’re grateful for everybody who supports our mission to establish Robo Wunderkind in early years education as the unique and invaluable tool that it is. Thank you for stopping by our stand at both events and expressing interest. It’s the passionate people on both ends that drives this amazing mission forward. It was wonderful to meet you. 

Hope you’re excited for more exciting news yet to come!

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