Week 10 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Create your game

Week 10 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Create your game

Robo Wunderkind Team
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This week's topic was dedicated to the advanced use of our programming App Robo Blockly. We asked our talented makers to step up their coding skills by creating their own interactive game. Needless to say, they fiercely dived into endless possibilities of programming with Functions and Variables 🙌 Let’s see the results!

Robo “Arcade” Game

Carla came up with her own Robo Computer Game. The rules go like this: All you have to do is press the button or hold against the light sensor  to the right color. When right you get plus 1 point, when wrong - minus 1 point. Such a great game for two to engage themselves in a funny activity! Cara is indeed a true inventor, not to mention her outstanding programming skills! She used a countless number of variables which calculated the number of  lights randomly so the game would be more unpredictable and hence more fun 😉

Robo “Guess the Number” Game

Meredith has come up with an exciting game with the help of Robo and #RoboBlockly. Here is how it goes: Cover the light sensor to tell the Robo to pick the number, then use the buttons to make your guess. Add either 1 or 10 to your guess. The LED display will tell you your guess so far. Cover the edge sensor to tell Robo when the guess is done. The RGB lights and the LED display will tell you if you're too high or too low, or correct 🙌 Amazing!

Robo “Bingo” Game

Iona is learning her numbers to one hundred, so she decided to transform her Robo into a random number caller. In that way, Iona could play a game of Bingo with her older sister. Iona came up with a bingo sheet with numbers, pressed the button, and repeated the numbers that appeared on the LED screen. Onсe the number matched the one from the sheet she crossed it out! This useful game entertained everyone for quite some time. What an amazing idea and execution!

Robo “Dance or turn into stone” Game

Mira and Jonathan have created a movement game designed for 1 player against Robo! Here is how it goes: 

Level 1: Move if you hear sound, if not - stand still.

Level 2: Move If you hear sound and see green/red light; Stand still if you hear no sound, and see no green/red light.

For every mistake, you have to start over but if you manage to do the right action in every phase, you reach the next level and finally you win! Moreover, the lights as well as the timings are chosen randomly. What a complex and engaging game!  🎉

That was it for this week. Great job guys, each one of your games is so unique in build and execution! We are extremely proud of our little coders!

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