Week 3 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Nature & Robots
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Week 3 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Nature & Robots

Robo Wunderkind Team
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Perhaps the two (nature and robots) seem contradictory to many, but we knew we could count on our army of smart young coders to convince us of the opposite. Let us present to you what happens when a small robot meets nature!

Robo the Hunting Spider

Though scary, we couldn’t help but find this particular Robo spider a little… endearing? Cute, even? I mean, look at those big blue eyes! Never mind that he’s had a LEGO doll for dinner, what can you do, he must have been hungry! We’ll forgive him. A truly wonderful job by Iona, hats off. We can’t wait to see what other projects you put your impressive coding skills to. 

Watch Iona's project here

Robo the Snake Charmer

Technically, it was Mira who was the snake charmer, but the name does sound too cool to not use. Mira played the fiddle while Robo the Snake danced around to her tune. Combining musical talent with the animal world was indeed next-level creativity, and what a wonder to see a girl so young already so talented in both coding and playing an instrument! 

Watch Mira's project here

Robo the Parrot Pauli

Not only did Carla program an amazing parrot Pauli who talked, waved, and introduced himself when she asked him to, but she also hand-made his costume from scratch. Wow! A wholesome project that truly deserved the prize of the week, and a pet friend every other young girl and boy must be rightfully jealous of. We’re in awe at your multi-faceted creativity, Carla, and hope you never stop coding and creating inspiring projects. 

Watch Carla's Parrot Pauli project here

Robo the Cat

We loved seeing this project of a good old domestic cat, prancing around, waving her small paws in the air, as cats do, and being just a little mean to the other animals, chasing them, pushing them around and shooing them away. Extra points for a realistic depiction!

Watch Robo Cat project here

Robo the Hanging Spider 

Another spider project, and we can’t help but feel surprised––we thought kids were afraid of them! Good to see that today’s kids aren’t afraid of anything. Remlaupi created this vicious hunter spider who has a special talent for catching ladybugs. If you see some ladybugs, you better warn them before they also get caught in his web! 

Watch Robo Hanging Spider project here

Robo Mother Duck

By now, we know that Meredith and her Robo projects never disappoint. This week, she went ahead and created a whole pond inside her own home, complete with a mother duck leader, walking her little ducklings around, a choir of singing frogs and fish and lots of leafy flowers to create the perfect pond atmosphere. It was so realistic, we almost felt the refreshing water at our feet! 

Watch Meredith's project hete

Robo the Chocolate-Sniffing Hound

This young girl, Amia, had a brilliant idea - instead of looking for some leftover Easter treats herself, why not train her Robo hound to do it for her? Indeed, why not! He did a marvelous job, just take a look at how hard he worked to sniff them all out and how proudly he announced each of his sweet chocolatey finds. Don’t we all wish we had a chocolate-hunting hound like that at home… 

Watch Amia's project here

Robo the Emancipated Pup

Why emancipated, you might ask? Well, because this not-so-furry pup, Tessa, learned to explain just what she wanted to do to her charming young owners and trainers in one, Johanna and Julius. By simply shaking her head to say no and barking enthusiastically to say yes, Tessa explained that all she wanted was to go out for a walk. (We feel you, Tessa.) And we all wish we had a smart dog like you!

Watch Robo the Emancipated Pup project

Robo the Trickster Pooch

Another obedient puppy, what a sight! This one wouldn’t get his chewy, juicy bone before he did all the tricks. His talented smart owner and trainer in one made him turn around in circles like a little acrobat before he was allowed his well-deserved treat. What discipline and obedience, we applaud your dog-training (and coding) skills!

Watch Robo Trickster Pooch project here

That is all we have in store for this week. So many amazing submissions, so much inspiring talent, and jaw-dropping creativity. We’re so very proud of our Robo Wunderkind coders! 

Last week, the winning prize went to Carla and her Parrot Pauli. Well-deserved, congratulations! We sincerely cannot wait to see what other projects she comes up with with her new Robo Wunderkind modules and add-ons. 

The fourth weekly challenge of the Makers Marathon is still open until April 26 - so don’t wait and join!

Learn all about Makers Marathon here

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