Week 4 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Robo Blockly
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Week 4 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Robo Blockly

Robo Wunderkind Team
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This week was dedicated to practicality. We challenged you to move on to the advanced app Robo Blockly to create useful tools and a story around them using Robo. We asked, you delivered, and now we have a collection of ingenious inventions to show off to the world. Let’s get started!

But first, let’s take a look at what Robo Blockly is all about. It’s our third and newest app next to well-known staples like Robo Live and Robo Code, and so far, also the most advanced one. Robo Blockly is meant for children aged 9-16 to create advanced coding sequences and allows the layering of simultaneous commands, writing of complex code, and the learning of concepts such as variables, functions, operators, and input-output mapping. It’s a fluent progression from our two previous apps for those who want to develop more arithmetic skills, computational and logical thinking, as well as critical thinking skills. Simply put, projects made with Robo Blockly get more sophisticated.  

Here’s what the Robo Blockly interface looks like:

We knew this week’s challenge was, therefore, going to be a bit more intriguing than the previous ones, but we knew we could expect nothing less than amazement. By challenging children to create tools rather than objects or robotic animals, we were ushering them closer yet towards the practical and real-life application of coding, which is what Robo Wunderkind is all about. Here are the tools our army of coders created with the help of Robo Blockly. 

Robo Hair Dryer 

Having beautiful, thick hair like our talented coder over here is no joke when you want them to dry fast. Luckily, she knows exactly what to do when she needs to get ready fast (so she can get coding!) –– a smart and simple hairdryer. Intelligent simplicity is key! Bravo, Meytal!

Watch Hair Dryer project here

Robo Candy Machine

Candy may not be the healthiest snack, but everyone deserves a sweet treat every once in a while! Especially if they worked this hard to create their candy vending machine. This intelligent Robo machine works with coins (of any currency, but home-made coins are preferred) and deposits sweet treats to these two very deserving coders. What complex code, and what a great idea to join business (coding) with please (candy). Hats off!

Watch Candy Machine project here

Robo Oven

For those with a sweet tooth and a knack for home-made treats, Robo comes to the rescue! Johanna and Julius, two master chefs, master coders, and master engineers built their own oven from scratch with Robo’s help and used it to bake a delicious-looking cake. The oven had everything––automatic doors, a set-in timer, and even alarm to alert the two bakers that their cake was ready. Wonderful!

Watch Robo Oven project here

Robo Microwave

Yet another smart tool we wish we had at home. Robo Microwave simultaneously rotates the food around to get it heated evenly, and measures the time it takes for it to be ready. And then––bing, it’s ready! We’re salivating!

Watch Robo Microwave project here

Robo Waiter

Everyone needs a bit of help at home sometimes, and guess who is more than ready to jump in? That’s right, Robo! This inspiring young coder, Amia, loves her tea time routine, but sometimes her hands just get a bit too full. Luckily, Robo put on his bowtie and fetched everything she needed. More tea? No problem. Some milk and sugar? On its way, young miss! 

Watch Robo Waiter project here

Robo the Nurse

Meredith opened her own veterinary clinic this week––what an entrepreneurial spirit, and what noble intentions to help animals in need! Robo couldn’t miss from the picture, so Meredith hired him as a post-op nurse. Its role was to comfort recovering patients and make sure they don’t feel any pain. We think both Robo and Meredith did a wonderful job, no doubt their patients will be coming back for such loving treatment! 

Watch Robo the Nurse project here

Robo Coffee Machine 

Carla and Robo turned into a barista team this week to deliver the most aromatic and tasty cups of coffee for the adults. Carla told Robo the order, Robo got to work immediately, and just moments later, steaming hot cups of espressos were ready to be collected. Good teamwork! 

Watch Robo Coffee Mashine project here

Robo Hand-Washing Helper

Washing your hands diligently is now more important than ever, and Jens, a talented young programmer, knows that well. He also knows it’s easy to get in a rush and skip over some important bits. That’s why he invited Robo into his crisis team. While Jens is washing his hands, Robo makes sure he uses enough soap, washes them long enough, warns him if he’s doing anything wrong, and cheers as long as Jens does everything right. What a dream hygiene partner! 

Watch Robo Helper project here

Robo Kitchen Helper and Robo Alarm Clock

A kitchen robot that stirs and mixes your ingredients so that you don’t have to tire your hands? What a treat! It’s just what Peter had in mind when he started probing around the Robo Blockly app. And look at the wonderful results!

Waking up and getting up in the morning is no easy task, no matter how old you are. Lorenz knows this far too well, which is why he created and programmed an extra motivation to get up––his own Robo Alarm Clock. Take a look at how neatly it works! 

Watch Lorenz's and Peter's Projects here

Last week’s submissions once again exceeded our expectations. Choosing the best one was no easy feat, but in the end, we settled on Johanna and Julius’ Robo Oven. Delicious and ingenious, what else can you wish for?

For this week, we have a brand new #RoboMakersMarathon challenge ready, and it addresses a very current issue––sustainable living. How can Robo Wunderkind help you in leading a more sustainable lifestyle? We want to see your ideas! 

Upload them to Instagram until May 3 and we’ll pick the winner next week. Good luck! 

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