Week 9 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Robotics
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Week 9 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Robotics

Robo Wunderkind Team
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Robots give us a hand executing many difficult tasks that are sometimes too difficult for humans to achieve. Many robotics solutions for human augmentation already exist and they are very useful in some jobs to make people's lives easier!

The 9th week of the Makers Marathon carried out the theme of Robotics. 🤖 We invited our young talented coders to extend their Robo with a mechanical build and tell us what task does it help to accomplish. Let’s see what happened!

Floor Sweeping Robot

Meredith has struck us with her building and modeling abilities one more time! With the help of her arts and crafts materials, she has transformed Robo into a floor dusting tool. Robo cleaned the entire floor so quickly and nimbly, living not a single speck of dust on it. Noticing obstacles in front of him, Robo swiftly turned around and began to ride in a different direction. What an inventor, well done! 🙌

Robo Sawmill

Mira and Jonathan brought the functionality of Robo to another level by transforming it into a sawmill. This is, without a doubt, a masterpiece of a mechanical build! With only one click of a button, Robo Sawmill easily begins to cut the tree branches into even pieces and loads them into the truck, and with a click of another button begins to rotate in a different direction. Amazing, guys! 🤖

Robo Spirograph

Iona loves to create fancy ornaments with the help of her spirograph, whoever her well-loved design tool is limited by the size of the outcome it can produce. So our inventful coder decided to "supersize" it with the help of her Robo! A few rounds of the engineering design process and.. Voila! The Super Robo Spirograph is complete. 🙌 Iona told us that she plans to further refine the build to make some new large rainbow spiral artworks for her wall. 🌈What an outstanding determination and creativity!

Robo Metronome Hap and a Body Percussion

Lorenz and Peter have transformed Robo with the help of creative mechanical build into a true musician! Robo has played the role of a metronome helping Lorenz to play the harp and stay in the rhythm. And a little bit later he turned into an energetic drummer, who played the drums with his LED display head. Such immersion in music.😉 We applaud!  

That was it for this week. We can’t emphasize enough how much joy brings us to watch the exciting train of thought of our little makers. Your projects are all very unique! 

Want to create projects and share them with us? The submission for the current #RoboMakersMarathon challenge, where you can show off your Robo Blockly skills, is still open until June 7th – so don’t wait and join!

If you don’t have Robo Wunderkind yet, now is the perfect time to invest in your children’s STEM skills. Get them here. 

Haven’t heard about our Makers Marathon yet?

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