What to do with your kids at home
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What to do with your kids at home

Robo Wunderkind Team

Over the next few weeks, it seems we’ll be spending most of our time at home. This is particularly challenging for those with young kids. How do we keep them and ourselves busy, and how do we get the most out of this situation?

Here’s a few tips on how to make this stay at home a memorable experience you’ll cherish later.

 Learn how to cook or bake a new dish

Being home is the perfect time to learn new things, cooking included. Find an easy recipe you can replicate with your kids, roll up your sleeves up and get busy in the kitchen together! Ignore the mess and make sure everyone is involved in the fun.

 Read books together

If you like to minimize screentime with your kids down to the necessary, try taking them into the exciting parallel world of books! Read them your childhood favorites, fantasy adventures, or literary classics. Take advantage of electronic books if you don’t have enough physical books at home. Broaden their imagination, vocabulary, and knowledge. Set a time (such as 1 hour in the morning or evenings) when everyone reads –– either together, or on their own. Eventually, this can become a nice family routine that you’ll keep for the years to come. 

Play dress-up

Normally, you might freak out at the thought of your kids raiding your closet. But this time, why not let them? Set a theme, such as a tea party, flight to the moon or a fashion show, let everyone pick their own outfit, perfect it with some artistic makeup, and then get to the role play part, complete with props, silly performances and lots of laughter. Don’t forget to take photos!   

Stay active 

Once you eat all the delicious food, you’re left with a pressing issue –– how do I not gain all the weight in the world?! Well, thankfully, we have an answer! There are so many online classes and tutorials made available for this time (look for youtube videos or apps), it’s almost difficult to choose the one for you! Practice some easy yoga, teach your kids to meditate, stretch, balance, jump around and get your heartbeat up. If you have a garden, all the better, but even if you don’t, there’s a lot you can squeeze into a small physical routine.

Perfect your 21st-century skills

Did you know we organise a monthly #RoboCreatorChallenge you can complete with your Robo Wunderkind set? Waste no more time and join, this month’s theme is DRAWING. Make sure your kids are having fun and practicing their STEM skills as they find the most creative way to complete this month’s challenge. And if you don’t have a Robo Wunderkind kit yet, now’s the perfect time to order one. Plus, you could win an Advanced Upgrade Kit! Even more motivation to join. ;)

 Become the master of food fermentation

Have you ever thought of making your own kimchi or yeast? It’s super healthy, fun –– and now you finally have the time that it takes to do it! Buy the necessities, follow a good recipe and then watch the magic happen. You’ll be rewarded with a good meal packed full of vitamins and minerals. What’s not to love? 

Skype with your family

While we’re staying safe at home and having fun with our kids, this time not as easy for those who are alone or isolated. Skype or call your parents, grandparents, let them read a good-night story to your kids over the phone or video chat, listen to the stories from their youth, ask them about their day, and make sure they’re not feeling lonely or sad. After all, we’re doing this for them. 

Try this hands-on STEAM tool supported by a library of curriculum resources with your students! Get in touch with us to learn more about it.
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