Why become an engineer
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Why become an engineer

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Engineering is all the rage these days – for good reason. So, what do you need to watch out for to see if your child is a future engineer?

Besides the obvious reasons that people immediately think of (high demand and good pay), there are some less-known and more noble reasons to pursue the path of engineering.

So, what are they?

Making a difference

You don’t have to be a volunteer, activist or philanthropist in order to make a meaningful difference in the world. As an engineer, you design and implement solutions to the most pressing of issues. Coming up with sustainable solutions, designing robots and AI that explore space and operate on people in surgical theatres, cybersecurity – those are just a few. Coming up with solutions to them indirectly improves and saves lives.

Having lots of options

As an engineer, you can specialize in so many fields, and even transfer fields throughout your career if you feel like a change. You can be a civil engineer and build roads, bridges, and dams. As a mechanical engineer, you design machines of all kinds. A chemical engineer can work with pharmaceutics, food, and industrial chemicals. An electrical engineer helps create infrastructures and energy power plants. As an aerospace engineer, you build planes and space crafts. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Solve problems

If your kid is a natural creative problem-solver who loves taking things apart, examining their functionality and building them anew, they might just be a natural engineer. As they grow, they can employ their curiosity to bigger things – like flying cars and domestic robot helpers (or anything else, really!).

Have a fun job

Having a job that feeds both your stomach and your curiosity is a dream. As an engineer, you get to work on so many interesting and groundbreaking projects, boredom is definitely not on the menu. Plus, there is such high demand that even if you don’t like your current job, you can be sure there is a next one waiting for you somewhere else.

Travel the world

The demand for engineers is global and the language of technology is pretty universal.Companies source their employees across the world and are willing to invest a lot of money in having them flown and employed where they’re needed.

Be useful

In many jobs, your influence might not be directly felt (which doesn’t mean that it isn’t there). In engineering, however, you can see it straight away. With enough time and effort, engineers can make anything. They see the world differently, analyzing how and why things work and come up with ways to do it better.

So, if your child shows interest in creative and innovative play, loves finding solutions to unfamiliar problems and is excited by the prospect of an unknown challenge, consider steering them into the engineering direction. Help your child discover the wonder of crafting things straight from your imagination the with Robo Wunderkind kits.

Our in-app projects start at a very simple level and eventually progress into more challenging tasks. They grow with children and always provide a healthy challenge.

Get ready to be excited about their creations!  

Try this hands-on STEAM tool supported by a library of curriculum resources with your students! Get in touch with us to learn more about it.
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