Why teaching through stories is so effective

Why teaching through stories is so effective

Robo Wunderkind Team

Most of the Robo Wunderkind lessons consist at least partially of storytelling. Find out why this magical ingredient makes teaching so much easier.

Come and make friends with Robo Dragon! Figure out the best way to cross the road. Create a flashlight for a power outing! Those are just a few examples of the storytelling components within our lessons. Naturally, the main reason we use storytelling is that we teach children, and children are the natural audience for stories. One could even say it is their ‘natural’ format. But storytelling doesn’t only appeal to children.

The purpose of storytelling

In short, stories humanize learning. How many times have you heard a good speech begin with an anecdote? Stories illustrate a point, they make for easily digestible introductions into a new topic, and they serve as an inspiration to more reluctant receivers. Through a compelling narrative, we are drawn into the story, we relate to the characters, and we become more susceptible to the messaging.

Children naturally love and incline to stories. Stories convey complicated messages and moral principles through uncomplicated narratives, teach them right from wrong, entertain them and create a platonic relationship between them and the characters. They can also promote attitudes and develop understanding. That is what we use storytelling when teaching with Robo.

Storytelling in our teaching

All of our lessons begin with a story-centered problem, mission or task. Robo travels to Toy Town. Robo is a Guard. Robo is a Colorful Night Light. Those are just a few of our lessons. From our experience, stories are very effective at:

  • Making sure the child is relaxed and attentive
  • Enhancing their ability to listen
  • Encouraging cooperation between children
  • Encouraging active participation in play
  • Enhancing creativity and imagination
  • Enhancing verbal acuity
  • Enhancing communication

Making coding and robotics digestible

When we learn something via a story, it tends to stick with us for far longer than any drily memorized facts do. It is the sticky glue we attach information with to our grey matter. When teaching something as cognitively demanding as coding and robotics to small children, an adhesive component like that is downright necessary.

It is precisely why our robot is a likable character with a memorable name, why the lessons are conveyed as his adventures, and why children are encouraged to treat Robo as a friend. Through this method, we believe we can achieve the best results in terms of memorability, positive associations, and durable long-term learning benefits.  

Take a look at our educational materials to get a better idea of how we use story-telling in our curriculum.

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