2021: Full of App Releases
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2021: Full of App Releases

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In the last year a lot has happened and therefore we updated our App(s) to fit it to your current needs.


Already in summer 2021 we combined all 3 Apps to one glorious Robo Wunderkind App. No worries, all three interfaces (that’s what the single apps are called in our app now) are still there, so are your projects. Just choose an interface - Live, Code or Blockly - and have a start coding.

Later in 2021, we added a new language: Arabic.
Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world and we want to make coding available for everyone, no matter where they live.

Personally, my favourite feature is the sharing and receiving of projects functionality. From now on you can share your projects with friends and school mates - working together never has been more contactless.
That features goes hand in hand with another one: Accessing your projects from anywhere. No matter what device you are using, your projects are now saved to the cloud.

Additionally, you finally can have more than one profile - actually five (yes like on Netflix). Plus, we added the cutest avatars as profile pictures. Choose one and get started.

But we also have a surprise for all the parents out there: Parental Control.

We've created a dedicated parental control. As a parent, only you can predefine which features your children can use. Access it and define each profile settings.


Because starting the year right is important, we released another App update.
New sounds are awaiting you! Have even more fun with your Robo and extend our scientific approach: now you can record data in all 3 interfaces.

Watch this video to learn how it works:

EDUCATORS - Prick up your ears

But that’s not all we have done. We continued to work on creating a community, because especially in these times, we wanted to make it easier for teacher to share their experiences.

We can’t wait what this year is going to bring, but for sure a ton of new features and releases.

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