Get inspired for the #RoboMakersMarathon

Get inspired for the #RoboMakersMarathon

Robo Wunderkind Team
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A week ago we launched our Makers Marathon. Since then, we’ve received many amazing submissions by talented young programmers from across the world. Take a look, get inspired and join the marathon

The theme for our first week was "Communication". Let’s see what messages young makers were able to send with Robo’s help.

Robo Pluto Rover 

Have you ever dreamt of exploring outer space? Well, take note from Meredith on how she did it. Her rover roams foreign planets, sending home encrypted messages through light and sound signals, while Meredith uses her voice to command Robo Rover to start an analysis of what it found. Genius, isn’t it?

Robo Hungry Dino

Imagine how perfect it would be if your pet was able to easily tell you what it wants. Well, these two talented programmers were able to do just that with their Robo. They know exactly when it’s hungry, full, less full, and even when it needs to use the toilet. How? They taught Robo to use a light color-coded language to communicate all his needs and feelings. We’re impressed!

Robo Decision-Maker

What would you like to do on a beautiful spring day like this? Math homework? Or jump on a trampoline? This bright young boy taught Robo how to plan their day together. Robo asks the questions, the boy answers yes/no, and Robo reacts. (We’ll let you guess what he preferred––math or trampoline. Better yet, see for yourself!)

Robo Alarm Clock

Getting out of bed in the morning is no easy task, we’ll give you that. Can you imagine how much easier it’d get if you had a friendly robot to wake you up? Take a look at how Norman and Teo did it, and let us know––how fast would you get up from bed with such a lovely alarm clock? We know we’d be up in seconds!

Rainbow Robo

Iona loves rainbows and she’s not afraid to show it. What’s more, she’s also passed this passion for colors on to her Robo. Just take a look at what he does when she asks––what is your favorite color? Of course, his answer is clear: a rainbow! Get inspired by this project and always look for the rainbow at the end of the storm.

Robo Coffee Party

We all need company––even Robo gets lonely every once in a while in this quarantine era. In order to stick to the rules, Carla organized an in-house coffee party for Robo and his truck friend. They met at a safe distance, brought both coffee and cakes, talked some, shared the latest news through honking and flashing lights, and then scooted off right back home. Social distancing in practice!

Are you feeling inspired by the ingenuity of your fellow Robo Wunderkind coders and programmers? Join the fun! You still have time to submit your own project to #RoboMakersMarathon, and if this week’s challenge isn’t quite your forte, don’t worry, there’ll be a new one coming out every week. Boredom is not on the menu! 

Join our Makers Marathon now

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