Our Story: Getting Robo Wunderkind Out Into Kids’ Hands
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Our Story: Getting Robo Wunderkind Out Into Kids’ Hands

Robo Wunderkind Team
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The story of Robo Wunderkind began in Vienna, with three internationals joining forces to work on an innovative concept; then took us on an unbelievable journey across the whole world. In the end, there was the product you already know (and love). But how did we make it so that thousands of kids play and learn with the help of Robo Wunderkind? And where are we now? We’ll tell you all about it in the third and last part of the series that discusses our story. 

In the last two parts, you met Anna, Yuri, and Rustem, the founders and key figures in Robo Wunderkind’s adventurous history. In the first part, we discussed their vision and why they wanted to change the world and modernize the educational system with the help of a robotic toy, while in the second part, you learned more about how they embarked on the journey. We finished off with the eureka moment - releasing our first-generation product and sending it out to the first eager customers who pre-ordered our kits while they were still in the making.

This post, the last of the series, will explain how we scaled Robo Wunderkind across the world - to thousands of homes and hundreds of schools worldwide, and outline what now lies ahead of us. 

Before the dust even settled on the delivery receipts of our first-generation product after we sent it out into the world, we started thinking about how to make the next generation even better. In the end, we came up with the two core versions of our robotics kits and they were called the Starter Kit (perfect for both the home and the classroom) and the Education Kit (ideal for schools). The Advanced Upgrade Kits were meant for those who want to expand their use of Robo Wunderkind.

For that, we used the unique customer feedback from our first generation to add even more features to the new one, to improve what could have been done even better, and to add new coding possibilities into our apps. All to make sure that the next generation of our products would establish us as a go-to product on the edtech scene. 

Robo Wunderkind at the Digital Play Days event in Vienna; 2019

But for that, we needed strong partnerships. Partnerships are like a good map and safety net all in one - they make sure you remain on the right track and get you back in places where going alone is not the best course of action. They allowed us to have a reference network, to showcase the multitudes of ways that Robo Wunderkind can be used to garner its full potential, and they made it possible for us to spread the word in places where our footing was still small or nonexistent. 

Here are a few of our favorite partnerships that we’re extra proud of: 

SSPCA - saving animals with the help of a robot: Together with the Scottish NGO, we launched a program for kids that taught the youngest generation empathy towards animals. Since using live animals in classrooms is not a viable or humane option, our robot stepped in as an interactive tool to show how best to treat animals and respect their rights. This was our first big partnership, so we were off to a great start. 

Students in Scotland are learning to be kind to animals with the help of Robo Wunderkind; 2018

GetYourWings - teaching tech safety in Germany: To get around the world these days, children need to be taught about how to stay safe on the internet, and how to use technology in an empowered manner rather than being overwhelmed by its many features. With the help of Robo Wunderkind, children in German schools were taught about how to interact with technology mindfully and how to be confident at it. 

GetYourWings workshops with Robo Wunderkind tools. Copyright: @GetYourWings/Sebastian Winterson

Connected Kids - driving digitalization in schools across Austria: a program initiated by T-Mobile’s Magenta aims to support students, teachers, and their parents to discover the endless options digital education offers, specifically using digital media and modern tools. Robo Wunderkind showed how such tools can contribute to teaching priceless 21-century skills. 

Bridge Personal & Service - organizing summer coding camps in Austria: summer camps are a great opportunity to not only experience adventure, but also to learn new skills. This summer camp introduced young kids to the basics of programming and robotics with the help of Robo Wunderkind; encouraging them to become empowered explorers of today’s modern world. 


ReDi School of Digital Integration - coding and robotics activities for kids coming from refugee or underprivileged background: this non-profit initiative in Munich introduces children aged 5 to 17 to new technologies through engaging activities with Robo Wunderkind. Workshops, courses, summer camps, and events allow children in need to get immersed in the world of technology, find new interests and friends, and integrate into their new environments easier.

We also worked with leading international educators and schools to further develop our curriculum. Mark Faulder, ADE, showed us how to perfect the interdisciplinary aspects of our lessons. The Hügelland School in Austria allowed us to see the many ways of how to broaden the skill set of very young students with the help of smart modular tools like Robo Wunderkind. The Mädchenzentrum in Austria reminded us how vital it is to contribute to closing the gender gap in tech and empower both girls and boys to be confident when interacting with technology - and to finally toss all the stereotypes.  

We found distributors and started selling our products in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Nordic countries, Russia, Hong Kong, and many other European nations. All our partners share our passion for making tech and digital literacy a staple in modern education, and thanks to our combined efforts, that bold vision is ever-closer to becoming reality - with the help of Robo Wunderkind. 

Programmieren lernen für Kinder: warum Kids davon profitieren

We were received numerous awards, some of the most prestigious being from the Education Alliance Finland for being a tool with excellent educational quality; the Parent’s Choice Award, MadeForMums Award, or the Central European Startup Award. Our company got into the finals of the Amazon Small Business Award in Germany: we got recognized as one of the most innovative small businesses on Amazon. Most recently, we also got the EdTech awards as the best robotics solution. 

Meanwhile, our team grew to include 15 people, all sharing a common vision. That all meant that our resources expanded exponentially. So, we knew it was time to put something new into the world, and on the market. More customers research, testing, and insightful feedback from both parents and teachers resulted in the new Robo Wunderkind Explorer kits

They include redesigned hardware, advanced features, and new building blocks. A brand new generation robotics kits with even more possibilities for kids to be creative and inventive. Robo Wunderkind Explorer kits are our latest and greatest robotic lineup and are now available for pre-order. Check them out here. 

As you can see, our journey is nowhere near finished. The world is changing rapidly, customer needs are becoming more apparent, and to that, we respond by offering the highest quality of both hardware and software, while always on the lookout for tips to improve. Our journey is incredibly exciting and we can’t help but feel proud at the mark we’re making in modern education. Robo Wunderkind is changing the way kids learn about technology and turning them into the versatile and confident 21-century citizens this world needs. 

Thank you for being on this journey with us. Stay tuned to our latest updates by following us on social media. As always, we’re so grateful for all your support, and cannot wait for you to see all that we have in store. 

Join us on our mission of bringing fun and creative tech education to classrooms and homes worldwide. Visit our blog to discover plenty of resources about education, and follow our social media channels to stay updated about the latest news.

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