6 Weeks of STEAM Activities

6 Weeks of STEAM Activities

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Many parents are yet again experiencing a full or partial lockdown, trying to balance work, parenting, and now also the task of being a teacher at home. We know that this can be a tough job to accomplish and we’d love to help out!

We have tasked our in-house STEAM educators to help us inspire parents by providing them with stress-free daily STEAM activities they can do with their 4-10-year-old child. All you need for these activities are coloring pencils, cardboard boxes, and other materials you already might have at home. The content is designed to improve children’s design thinking*, creativity as well as foster their interest in learning science-related topics.

Oh, and the best part is - these activities are completely free and accessible for anyone interested. Check out our Instagram stories to learn more about fun activities you can do with children at home.

At the start of each week, we will be announcing a new theme. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

Week 1 Space Adventure 🚀 download here ➡️ https://email-subscribers.robowunderkind.com/space_adventure

Week 2 Science at Home 🔬 download here ➡️ https://email-subscribers.robowunderkind.com/science

Week 3 Engineering  ⚙️ download here ➡️ https://email-subscribers.robowunderkind.com/engineering

Week 4 Dinosaurs: 🦖 download here ➡️  https://email-subscribers.robowunderkind.com/dinosaurs

Week 5 Coding: download here ➡️ https://email-subscribers.robowunderkind.com/coding

Week 6 Robotics: 🤖  download here ➡️ https://email-subscribers.robowunderkind.com/robotics

We can’t wait to have you join us in on the excitement! If you participate, make sure you share with us your creations. Tag us with #robowunderkind on social media, or send us an email at projects@robowunderkind.com

*Design thinking is a solution-based way of thinking in order to solve a problem. It is a creative process of identifying problems, brainstorming, and prototyping ideas.

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