Making friends with a Robo Dragon

Making friends with a Robo Dragon

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Creating an imaginary world has never been as easy, as it is with Robo Wunderkind blocks. Take as many modules as you want, fetch some colorful paper, scissors and glue, and go on the fairytale adventure!

A little brave girl named Sophie was walking in a forest with her dog Charlie, enjoying the beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping.

Suddenly they heard a strange sound coming from somewhere. What was it? Sophie and Charlie set out on an adventure to find it out.

After wandering around and exploring the deep woods, the little girl and her dog found a big hill with a beautiful castle on top. They were curious if somebody was living inside, so they knocked on the doors to see if someone was there. Those strange sounds were coming right from it!

Little did they know, that a real friendly dragon was living in the castle! It was spending his days there alone and had no one beside to play with. Sophie decided to brighten up its day and make friends with it.

She went to pick up some forest flowers and made a big and pretty bouquet by herself.

“Hey, don’t be sad, I made this for you!” – said Sophie to the dragon. The girl’s kindness melted its heart and cheered up its mood.

Since that day they became the best friends and had many more adventures together!

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