Girls in STEAM: Meredith
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Girls in STEAM: Meredith

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Empowering young girls to dip their toes into educational technology is one of our central goals - here is one inspiring story.

Meet Meredith, a 6-year-old girl who is fearlessly exploring the world of robotics and coding. She has submitted her project to the Robo Wunderkind monthly #RoboCreatorChallege and fascinated us with her originality and enthusiasm.

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One of the main goals that we pursue is to show that early STEM education is of advantage not only for boys but for girls as well. They should have no doubts about exploring technology and entering STEM professions in the future.

IT subjects are being slowly integrated into schools, however, the amount of their incorporation drastically varies depending on the country, state, region, and school. Therefore, more and more parents encourage their children to acquire STEM skills at home by providing them with the necessary tools. 

Meredith’s father Jon shared his thoughts on the importance of STEAM education for girls, and the overall state of its integration in their area.

— Why do you think it's important to educate young girls in STEAM?

— Women are under-represented in STEM careers which results in a lack of role models for young girls who are interested in this sphere. By fostering a love of STEM at a young age we hope it can grow with her (Meredith) and so that she will recognize careers in the field of technology as an option for her later in life.

Outtakes from Meredith's project

- Do you feel it is a common notion for parents to introduce their children, especially girls, to robotics and coding? 

- A few parents we know share this opinion, especially if the parents are involved in STEM careers themselves. We feel blessed to live in a community, Silicon Valley, which puts an emphasis on technology education.

- Do you think STEM education is well-represented in kindergartens and schools where you live?

- On a limited basis. Our daughter has had exposure to robotics through demonstrations in kindergarten. There are a few more opportunities as the children grow older with robotics clubs and competitions in libraries. However, I find that educating children STEM at home is also extremely important.

- Why did you prefer Robo Wunderkind when choosing an educational toy for Meredith?

- We love Robo Wunderkind because it allows children to start early and experience the joy of bringing an idea to life with coding and robotics.

Outtakes from Meredith's project

Indeed, with STEM education being at times inconsistently integrated into schools, the best way to encourage young girls to enter the world of technology is to provide them with fun and easy-to-use solutions for acquiring such skills at home.

And what can be more entertaining than enjoying building and coding with Robo Wunderkind? 

Let’s inspire more and more young girls to realize their huge potential in science together! 

Watch Meredith’s amazing project here:

Get inspired by our lessons to create even more interesting projects at home. Take a look at our educational materials.

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