Girls in STEM: Iona
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Girls in STEM: Iona

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One of the most rewarding things for us since launching the #RoboMakersMarathon was the opportunity to see how incredibly talented our users are.

And Iona is a vivid example of this. This 5-year-old girl has participated in every challenge and has mesmerized us with her endless imagination and perseverance to perfect her coding skills.  Each of her projects has a unique approach, capturing storyline and creative build. This fearless young coder is not afraid to explore robotics and coding and we are glad to be able to witness her growth.

We asked Iona why she enjoys building and coding with Robo Wunderkind and talked to her mother Nicola about the importance of  STEM education from an early age.

— Why do you think it is important to teach young girls STEM skills?

— I have three girls and although I am now a teacher, I used to work as a web developer and graphic artist in a very male-dominated world and remember the challenges that it brought. It is hugely important for me as a mother, to ensure that my daughters have the skills and the confidence to excel in any area that they choose and not be limited by their gender.

— Do you think it is important to encourage children to acquire STEM skills at home?

— It’s very important as children experience so many learning opportunities at home in a more practical and liberating way than learning provided elsewhere. What children learn at home will stay with them into adult life and serve them well for the future.

— That’s a very good point! Why did you choose Robo Wunderkind when looking for an educational toy?

— I first experienced Robo Wunderkind at a technology expo in England and I was very impressed by how robust it is. I work in a special needs school where some pupils can find it difficult to work with care. Those pupils still deserve the opportunity to experience coding and controlling this level of device. That’s why I chose this toy.

— We are glad that you trusted our product. Tell us, Iona, why do you like to play with Robo Wunderkind, and what is your favorite thing to create?

— I like it because I can crash into my dad’s feet and it is still safe! I love creating everything that moves!

— That’s great, Iona! Have you thought about who you want to be in the future?

— Yes, I would like to be a cat or look after cats 🙂

— Awesome, I’m sure the cats will be glad to have such an amazing carer 🙂 Thank you! It was a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you for choosing Robo Wunderkind for exploring the world of technology!

— Thank you so much. We are both enjoying having something to focus on each week, especially during these challenging times in lockdown.

Empowering young makers to start exploring technology, experimenting with coding, and creating stories has always been one of our main goals and we can’t be more proud to see such inspiring stories!

Join the Makers Marathon, our special series of free online workshops & fun inventor competitions. Let’s code together!

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